Zalora Philippines Review: My First Purchase

My Very Own Zalora Philippines Review

Before I tell you my Zalora Philippines review, I’ll give you a quick background about Zalora. Zalora is an online shopping site that’s been operating in the Philippines for a while now, it also conducts business transactions in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Hongkong and in other Asian countries.

I made my order in Zalora Philippines, because that’s where my country is. They are offering a broad selection of items that their customer can choose from, this includes shirts, pants, bags, wallets, shoes, perfumes and even gadget and accessories, you name it, they have it.

I registered to Zalora Philippines last March 2013 and I haven’t purchase anything back then until I received a coupon from them this May. It gives me 20% off because my birthday was coming and I decided to use it before it expires, the coupon lasts for 7 days on the day you received it.

I was looking for a pair of shoes, shorts and a wallet. I visited Zalora Philippines website and I was overwhelmed because there were about a hundred of different items that I can choose from. The good thing is that with their website, I can navigate and compare items easily.

When I finished choosing the items I wanted to purchase, I was redirected to their checkout page where I entered the coupon code they sent to me. The bill said I only need to pay 2355 pesos, instead of 2,944 pesos, so that’s almost a 600 pesos saving for me. That’s a nice gift for my birthday.

In their website, there were different ways I can choose to pay for my order, but I just decided to pay for it through Cash on Delivery. It also says that for Metro Manila orders the delivery will take 1-3 days and for those outside Metro Manila the delivery will take longer than that.

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Here’s what surprised me, I made the order before 12 pm and my order arrived before night-time on that day. You read that right, it was delivered on the SAME DAY. Unfortunately, I wasn’t home then and I forgot to leave the money because I was not expecting my order to arrive so early.

I contacted Zalora Philippines by their customer hotline but they were having a system maintenance, so I just contacted the number that they specified in their website in case I have any immediate concerns. They told me that my order wasn’t dispatched on that day, but they will deliver it  by tomorrow.

And yes, my order really arrived the day after that. So, Zalora receives 2 thumbs up for their great customer service and fast delivery.

To show some evidences, here are some pictures that you can look at.

zalora philippines delivery box

The Zalora Philippines Delivery Box

opening the zalora philippines box

Opening the box

items purchased at zalora philippines

The items I ordered at Zalora Philippines website

Conclusion of this Zalora Philippines Review:

Zalora Philippines is a legit and great online shopping site. They have a user-friendly website and a great customer service. They really deliver orders fast, so expect for your order to arrive at your door step even if you just placed your order a while ago.

Have you also made a purchase from Zalora Philippines? Why don’t you share with us your experience and write your own Zalora review in the comments below. I’ll really appreciate it and it would also be a great help for your fellow online shoppers out there as well.

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