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Write For Us

Think Rich. Be Free. accepts post/s from other people, who are willing to share their work/s to our website. Just make sure to do the following guidelines and send your post to us for review. I’ll make sure to post your article as soon as possible, once it passed the review.

General Guidelines:

  1. The article that you’re going to submit must be unique and original, it should not be previously posted in any other website, even in your own website.
  2. Articles must be about finance (e.g. investing, business, saving money etc.) or blogging or shopping online.
  3. The length of the article must be more than 500 words, 1000+ words are greatly encouraged.
  4. A link of your choice may be added to the post’s body as long as it’s relevant to your topic. Please do not include affiliate links or advertisement links in your post.
  5. The author box must contain your name, website and/or Facebook page, Google+ profile, Twitter account or your email address, and a little background about yourself.


  • I have the right to make some changes on the article that you’re going to submit
  • Non-relevant topics will be rejected
  • If you have anymore questions, feel free to contact me by sending your message at [email protected].