What Is A Health Insurance And Why You Should Get One

What Is A Health Insurance?

A health insurance is an insurance that helps an individual cover his or her medical and surgical expenses. We all know that going to the hospital can be costly sometimes and having an health insurance gives us the assurance that we could get all our medical needs in time.

Health insurance offers coverage for a wide range of medical procedures, treatments and/or surgeries that a person may need in his life. You may already know that every person has different medical needs, that’s why they are also different types of health insurance that can meet each person’s needs.

  • General Types of Health Insurance
  1. Private
    A health insurance chosen by an individual provided by a certain company of his or her choice.
  2. Public
    A health insurance provided by the state to its citizens.why you need health insurance
  • Specific Types of Health Insurance
  1. Fee-for-Service Plans
    In Fee-for-Service plans you’re allowed to go to any medical facility or person you want but this involve more out-of-pocket expenses.
  2. Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO)
    PPOs’ offers you low cost medical expenses only if you go to the network of doctors, hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities partnered with your insurance provider.
  3. Point-of-Service Plans
    This type is much like PPO but you can still get incentives if ever you go outside the network they provided you with.
  4. Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO)
    This type of health insurance is the least expensive, the catch is you’re only covered if you only see the doctors or go to the medical facilities partnered with your health insurance provider.
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Difference Between Life And Health Insurance

The main difference between the two is that, when it comes to life insurance your life is the one insured and when something unfortunate happens to you, your beneficiary (e.g. wife and kids) will get a specific amount that you and your life insurance provider discussed before.

While with a health insurance, you are only insured when it comes to your medical bills whenever you become ill. Some insurance companies may offer both health and life insurance to their clients, though.

Benefits Of Getting A Health Insurance

The most noticeable benefit of having a health insurance is that you know you’re insured when it comes to your health-related expenses. You also don’t have to worry too much on your medical expenses because if ever you get sick, you’re backed up by your health insurance. As one of their clients, you can also enjoy freebies that your insurance provider may give to you like free check-ups, medicines etc.

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