Things You Should Know About Debit Cards: What Is A Debit Card?

Things That You Should Know About Debit Cards in the Philippines

What are debit cards?

Debit cards, also called bank cards, are used in paying for goods or services without using the cash in your wallet, instead it use the money on your bank account. Debit card offer you convenience when you purchase items and at the same time security because it requires a PIN (Personal Identification Number) or a signature by the card holder to use and access the card. Some debit cards may also be use to pay your purchases not only here in the Philippines, but also abroad.

Where can you get a debit card?

Banks are the ones offering debit cards to their customers, you can just basically go to a bank near you and inquire there how you can get a debit card. You’ll then be asked to fill out some forms, just like when you open a bank savings account.

Who can have a debit card?

Any person can get a debit card, just make sure that you can pass all the requirements needed when you apply for one. Even individual not of legal age or teenagers and kids (10 years old and above) can get one, just make sure the you have your parent’s consent or you’re accompanied by your parent when you go to the bank.

Here are the common requirements that banks would ask you when you apply for a debit card:

  • At least one valid ID with your picture and signature (Passport, Driver’s License, School ID,Voter’s ID, PRC ID, Philhealth card, GSIS e-card, SSS ID, NBI clearance, Police clearance, Senior Citizen ID, OWWA ID, Seaman’s Book, OFW ID and other government IDs)
  • A filled out application form and signature cards
  • For 18 years old and below: you should be accompanied by your parent when applying or bring your parent’s consent letter
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If you’re to busy to go to the bank, you can just check the website of the bank you want to get your card and apply online.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a debit card?



Gives you a convenient way on paying for your purchases

Require to have funds in your bank account  and may limit your spending

Can be managed easily through the internet

When you use it online, you’re debit card information may be stolen and you put your savings account into risk

May be used nationwide and sometimes even worldwide

No credits or rewards unlike credit cards

That may all be the information you need to know about debit cards, so now are you interested in having a debit card of your own?

You can check here to know the list of debit cards available here in our country…

List of debit cards in the Philippines

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