Turn Creativity Into Cash – 5 Hobbies to Make Great Careers


Are you standing at the crossroad between multifarious career options staring you in the face? Are you going to make a choice based on the level of lucrativeness or passion that’s stirring in them? Or are you just waiting for your mirakuru – when a career calls out to you, puts you in a trance and makes you choose it? Trust me, I’ve been there and done that.
The only bottom line to the aforesaid is that you can turn your hobby into a pretty lucrative and passion-filled career. Here are the 5 most common ways you can turn your creativity into cash!

  1. Cooking

Who doesn’t like to devour food, seriously though?! People are willing to pay in thousands just to satisfy the appetites of their tummies, and if you are zealous of cooking at home, then, my friend, cha-ching and b-bling! That’s money calling out to you. Many restaurants are always hunting for talented and devoted chefs, so there’s your catch!

  1. Photography

This is the only way you can get to shoot people, cut at their sides, and do all unthinkable things to them without having to go to prison. Yes, it’s a cliched statement, and if you just read his for the first time ever, then it’s not cliched, I take it back. Point being, if you actually find pleasure in doing the aforesaid, then you can actually get paid for it! So it’s more like bounty hunting than photography because in a way, you’re shooting people for money.

  1. Writing

If you are a profound writer and actually enjoy creating magic from some combinations of the 26 English alphabets, or any other language for that matter, then why not turn your magic into a money-making machine? Quite a lot of companies are always on a lookout for writers, be it for blogging, creative writing, content writing, or even product marketing. In every aspect of life, words carry the most responsibility and power, so writing is a pretty lucrative career in itself!

  1. Sewing/Stitching
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No, it’s not a hobby opted by only females. Let us not get all sexist and just appreciate the beauty of sewing, shall we? And no, I’m not talking about sewing up people either. Geez. Where do you get all these evil ideas from, Chucky?! Anyway, if your hands are pretty crafty when it comes to stitching clothes, cushions or any other product involving cloth, then you are in for a jackpot! You could actually start an e-business for your products and earn money by doing what you really love!

  1. Grammar Nazi-ing

Oh, mother-of-sweet-hobbies. Hallelujah! If you like pointing out people’s grammatical errors on social media and other mediums of existence, then you can be a pretty .. pretty editor. Yes, you can correct people’s mistakes and criticise them without having them criticise you, and you can get paid for going all grammar Nazi on them. See? So many perks right there! And who says editing is monotonous? Pfft. You can silently judge someone all you want.

All in all, this proverb is all-the-aforesaid-in-a-nutshell, “When a habit begins to cost money, it’s called a hobby.” I merely mentioned to you 5 hobbies that can be turned into lucrative careers, but bear in mind, the list is infinite just like your hidden skills are! So delve into yourself, and turn your creativity into cash!

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