Treat Your Contract Workers with More Respect

Out of the entire workforce of the United States, about 30 percent constitutes the independent workforce or what you call the contract workers. And according to studies, this figure is most likely to rise to a whopping 40 percent by the next 2 years. Whatever the exact figures are today, you cannot deny the fact that while there were in-house teams a few years ago, and now the industry depends majorly on the contingent workforce.

Well, this isn’t exactly a bad thing – you need certain professionals who have a certain specific set of skills and you may not need them more than a few months, so you are saving money.

The actual bad thing is that businesses don’t tend to treat these contract workers properly. Here are a few things you need to consider to make them feel more inclusive, which is actually going to get them to be more productive instead:

  • Many businesses treat these workers as second-class citizens with different badges for them and also them not being able to access to some company resources like the gym. It is important to treat them equally so that they feel included in the team. So don’t have separate colored badges for them, and allow them to access some of your resources, if not all. Provide them with some incentives as well. If you treat them well, they will put in more efforts into their work.
  • It is quite obvious that these contract workers don’t have job security and more flexibility – which is why most of the times businesses fail to build effective offline relationships. So don’t be afraid to invite them over for company’s social events or even a cup of coffee to discuss business. This loosens the tension and allows them to interact with you and your team, and share their views and feedback’s about work.
  • You need to enroll them into special skill development programs that will improve their professional opportunities to learn new things. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something related to their field, but in general professionally relevant. You can organize online classes or seminars that can be written off on the company’s account.
  • It is important to show your gratitude towards them once in a while to make them feel important and included. You can involve them in decision making and ask them for their insights regarding some key happening in the company. Maybe they do have something very valuable to contribute.
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