Travelling on Budget: How to Save Money on Vacations


Travelling is always adventurous and fun, what is a trip that has to be curbed because of money shortage? Why not plan for the vacation and enjoy it to the fullest?

Here are some tips for you to keep in mind before you go off on a vacation. Trips with families can never be compromised. So before you set off, bottle down your needs and sketch a plan. If it’s family, then make sure you are spending enough.

  1. Sort out the mode of travel.
    If you choose air, then gather the sites or agencies who provide you tickets at a lower cost. It’s an added advantage to always be on look outs for discounts and less fare. Airlines always have schemes or plans to suit your need.
  2. Sketch the plan. Once you have sorted out your mode and agency or website, sketch your travel plan. That is the places you are to visit and the number of times you need to change a flight. If you think you’re on a round trip, then plan accordingly and book the tickets.
  3. Hotel matters. Once the travel and tickets are finalized, sort out the hotels. As we live in an advanced era, we can hunt for hotels online. Choose the cheapest yet efficient hotel for stay, contact them and make sure they haven’t increased the cost of living there. If you feel that’s the right price opt for it!
  4. Pack less.
    When you pack less items, you don’t have to pay customs and it is not all that difficult to carry your luggage everywhere. Sometimes in some places we have the fear of losing. To avoid this, carry less and less expensive stuff. Also use the Hotel’s Wi-Fi to the fullest to find out places to visit and shop. Don’t trust the driver, he might not show you places that are significant and cheap.
  5. Grab free coupons! Download apps that provide you free coupons. Purchase daily deals from those apps and that’s one way to know which place is good to eat and hangout.
  6. Transportation matters! When you have reached your destination, look out for public transportation or less expensive taxi drivers. This way you’ll ride cost effectively.
  7. GPS helps. If you’re driving and it’s a road trip don’t trust people, pack a GPS device along with your daily needs. Even if you are not driving, GPS will let you know where you are and keep you safe.
  8. Save some cash. If you are a student or military official or an elderly citizen, don’t forget to pack your ID or pass. This is another way to save some extra cash.
  9. Cut down eating expenses. Generally eating out is expensive, if you are on a long holiday, carry some groceries or buy groceries, in order to save some extra penny.
  10. Leave the souvenirs. If you are in a place like USA or Paris, skip buying souvenirs. Souvenirs are costly, if you can find stuff that isn’t expensive then don’t skip on that. Generally, souvenirs are the most expensive items to buy.
  11. Cards seal the deal. If you are a card user, then always find out for discounts and cashbacks on your card. If you are shopping look for discounts again!
  12. Currency issues. Keep a track of the currency; know the exchange rates always. This sometimes can make a bigger difference. Many exchange centers have a very bad exchange rate display check ‘em out and strike ‘em off…
  13. Many countries don’t have that interesting tourist spots!
    look out for places that are not that great to visit and try to avoid visiting them. Sometimes making friends with the taxi driver is of great advantage, he might guide you to better places. Always do that!
  14. Travel packages. Book a package, if you’re out of country then it’s better to book a travel package. You can save money this way. If you are interested to explore the place, opt for offseason travel.
  15. Friends and relatives? If you are traveling to a place where one of your relative or friend stays, don’t hesitate and live with them. Also you can spend quality time with them as well as save some money!
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Traveling is not about money and budget always. If you think you are a free bird and can earn back, then spend like there’s no tomorrow. Bon Voyage!

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