Tools You Need to Learn for Effective Social Media Marketing

With new social media platforms coming up, nowadays style of communication has also changed. When systems are changing, then you also constantly need to reinvent yourself and your ways. Same old technique that you used yesterday might not work today. And social media marketing is the most fluctuating sector. Social media marketing is an extensive field of work. It becomes difficult to manage all the accounts across various platforms of social media. To manage and keep everything running smoothly you need help. Apart from a great team and experts at your disposal, you also need a special softwares to handle all the information and navigate through them. Now at the pinnacle of technological advancements there is thankfully a tool for every case. There are lots of tools that will help you manage all your social media marketing stuff. A few useful tools have been listed out here.

● Buffer

Buffer is a great tool to manage the extensive social media marketing burden of a company. It has a simple user interface which can be easily used by even amateurs. Along with a clean user interface, it has simple analytics for putting out content across all your social platforms at the same time, through a single click. It is a great scheduling tool. You cannot stick to just one social media platform for all your promotions. Target audiences are out there everywhere. To reach all of them you need to put your content everywhere but imagine how much time and energy will be wasted in putting up the same article, one by one, at every account the company holds. Buffer saves exactly that, your precious time by simultaneously posting content at every site.

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● Canva

At times what I feel is that technology is advancing at a greater pace than the evolution of our human brain. We can’t seem to keep up sometimes. Canva is the tool for the people out there who feel the same. It is a designing application that simplifies all your editing work. It is specifically designed for non-designers like you and me out there. It gets very boring with only texts and no visuals. To add pictures and edit them, use Canva.

● Feedly

We are done with scheduling and the photographs. But all these are useless without content. Content rules social media marketing. Everybody wants new and exciting content for their blog and social media accounts. Well for such content, first you need to be up to date with what is trending and influencing people. What major personalities are saying or doing, what your viewers like and how well your competition is faring. Basically you need to read other stuff and read a lot to come up with good content. What Feedly does is that it organizes all the content from different websites and arranges it under various topics and makes a sort of magazine for you to read. You can customize the content you want to read through the filters. Feedly also easily connects with other tools like Hootes.

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