Tips on Purchasing Cheap Business and First Class Flights


Many travellers that take regular international flights are willing to pay more to experience the benefits of business and first class flights. Only a small percentage of frequent flyers that buy first and business class seats, take the trouble of looking for discounted airfares. Passengers that neglect the opportunity of buying discounted tickets make a huge mistake, as certain premium class seats are priced like coach.

Here are a few simple tips that will help you find cheap last minute premium business and first class tickets.

Fly with Cheaper Airlines

The price on a premium class seat depends on many factors and airline carrier is undoubtedly in the list of these factors. Top airlines charge the highest prices for the level of comfort and services they offer. Thus, if your budget is somewhat tight, opt for cheaper airlines. Even though they may not offer flatbed seats, the difference with coach seats is still huge. Thus, you kill two birds with one stone – receive a better interior comfort and save money.

Take Advantage of Air Miles

Passengers who travel a lot, collect frequent-flyer points or air miles. These points can be used for a seat upgrade. Though different airlines have different frequent-flyer systems, virtually all of them offer an upgrade option.

Buy a Restricted Ticket

Restricted tickets are available under certain conditions and during a specified period of time. Generally, such tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded. First and business class airfares work similarly to ordinary restricted fares – the cheapest tickets are those with the biggest number of restrictions.

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Choose the Right Flight Day

Airfares on premium class flights to the most popular business destinations are usually a lot cheaper on Saturdays, as most business passengers who need to arrive there on Monday will fly on Sunday. The situation with the hottest holiday destination is completely opposite – flights to such places are usually more expensive on Saturdays. It is also recommended avoiding dates before the major public and bank holidays in the place you are travelling to. Flights tend to be more expensive before these dates. However, when travelling back on these dates, you have excellent chances to grasp a low-cost airfare.

Compare Airfare and Do Not Neglect Professional Help

Price comparison is the most effective way of discovering discounted airfares. However, this process requires certain efforts and dedication. If you have no time to monitor business and first class airfares, will eagerly do this task for you. This reliable company is a real expert in finding cheap first and business class flights.

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