Tips on Finding a Reliable Moving Company

Moving is not just stressful but also expensive. Thus, to avoid difficulties and save money it is crucial to find a reliable moving company that will relocate your belongings quickly and at a reasonable price. Of course, you can do everything by yourself, but if you lack necessary experience and equipment, your move can turn into a nightmare.

To avoid difficulties and stressful situations, take the trouble of finding a reliable moving company. Here are a few recommendations that will help you with your search.

Get Recommendations

First of all gather information about companies offering moving services in your area. Ask your friends, neighbors, colleagues or local real estate agents. Alternatively, you can look for movers online or in the phone book.

Make a List of Moving Companies and Perform Initial Screening

Once the list of suitable moving companies is ready, you need to execute a quick check of their background. Visit their websites, read customer reviews and check consumer-advocacy sites. Try to get as many information about these companies as possible. To check the level of customer service, you can send emails or get in touch with customer support.

Reduce the List of Candidates and Ask for an In-Home Estimate

To perform a more profound check, you need to reduce the list of moving companies up to 3 or 4. Then call for an in-home estimate. Remember, that only an in-person estimate will allow you to appraise how much the move will cost. Never trust companies that make estimates without looking at the items that need to be relocated.

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Compare the Estimates

When you have the estimates from several moving companies, you have no choice but to compare them and choose the lowest.

Double-Check the Reputation of the Companies With the Lowest Rates

Even though you want to save money on your move, you should not entrust relocation of your belongings to a company only because it offers the lowest rates. It is highly important to double- check the reputation and reliability of this company. Make sure the company has a decent experience in offering moving service. Moreover, to move you legally, a company should have a license and insurance.

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