Three Tips to Save on Your Summer Vacation!

summer vacation

Summer is upon us which means the opportunity to escape from work or school and have a little fun is tempting! Unfortunately, the vacation lifestyle isn’t always the most affordable of summer plans. Luckily, when done right, summer vacations don’t have to break the bank; here are a few tips to help you out:

Plan Ahead

  • Obviously the closer to your vacation you plan it, the more expensive your accommodations will be… especially airfare. Plan accordingly and find the best possible prices by searching different companies in advance. Also, use discount travel websites to compare prices and save even more! Booking hotels, campgrounds, and other reservations ahead will often provide considerable discounts.

Look Regularly

  • Since travelling is usually seasonal, and can be really unpredictable, the prices often change a lot. Use your free time here and there to search discount sites and see if you can find a rare opportunity to get a better price than other days; travel sites usually change multiple times per day so checking often really pays off.

Take the opportunity to see old friends

  • Nobody likes being a nuisance, but if you have friends on the way of your journey, it can’t hurt to let them know ahead of time and see if it’s possible to stay with them. Often times old friends would love to spend some time and catch up. Even if it means sleeping on the floor, some sacrifices are worth it. If you have the room in your suitcase and know you’ll need it, taking an inflatable mattress is a great idea!
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By being smart and doing just a little bit of planning, you could have the summer vacation you really deserve at a price you can afford. Use these tips and be resourceful and you’ll be okay. Remember to avoid unnecessary expenses like fast food and souvenirs; you can just take pictures instead!

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