Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins That You Should Be Using In Your Website

WordPress is one of the most used blogging platform in the world today and it is also one of the easiest to use when building your own website, especially for beginners.

A great feature of WordPress, that I know many of you are already aware, is that it houses some of the greatest plugins ever created. Plugins that can help you improve your website’s performance, looks, user-interface etc., by just adding them up in your WordPress’ dashboard. Here are the top 10 WordPress plugins that will surely improve your website’s overall grade.

Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins For Your Website

  1. WordPress SEO by Yoast

    The only WordPress plugin that you will ever use when it comes to improving your site’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO). WordPress SEO helps you write better content that search engines will surely love. With this plugin you may also see what your page will look like in search results by using the snippet preview with the title of the post and your meta description. If you still haven’t installed WordPress SEO by Yoast at this point, you might as well, install it now.

    best wordpress plugins-wordpress seo by yoast

  2. Google XML Sitemaps

    Another great plugin that can help you be recognized by search engines, especially Google, is the Google XML Sitemaps plugin by Arne Brachhold. This plugin will help you generate a XML sitemap that can be easily index by not only Google but also Yahoo, Bing and

    best wordpress plugin-google xml sitemap

  3. Broken Link Checker

    Broken links are bad for your website and this plugin will help you monitor them and alert you every time it found one. With the help of Broken Link Checker you can easily fix broken links or delete one whenever you can’t do anything to fix it.

  4. Commentluv

    A special WordPress plugin that will enable your visitors to include in their comments their most recent blog posts whenever they have one automatically. Commentluv is known for increasing comments and the community spirit in most blog that it has been installed. So, if your blog is new and you want to increase your audience participation, then why not give Commentluv a try.

    best wordpress plugins-commentluv

  5. W3 Total Cache

    One of the best plugins in WordPress that can help you improve your website’s speed and user experience, W3 Total Cache is recommended by the most popular web hosts like HostGator, Go Daddy, DreamHost and many more. W3 Total Cache helps you by increasing the server performance, providing transparent content delivery network (CDN) integration and reducing the download times.

    best wordpress plugins-w3 total cache

  6. AA’s Digg Digg Alternative

    AA’s Digg Digg Alternative is a floating toolbar that will show different social networking sites that your users or visitors can share your content easily. I got this on my website and its on the left side of the screen. Did you see it? If yes, then why not give it a try and share this content to your friends.

  7. Lazy Load

    This WordPress plugin was built to improve your website’s speed. Lazy load’s purpose is to only load images if and only if the image is visible in the viewport. It uses jQuery.sonar to do this.

  8. Online Backup For WordPress

    Every WordPress user must have this plugin because it provides protection for your site’s data. You never know when you’ll be hit and lose everything you worked for, so it is really important to have a backup whenever that happens and Online Backup For WordPress will help you with that. You can even choose if you want your backup data to be emailed to you or you can just download it in your computer.

    best wordpress plugins-online backup for wordpress

  9. Yet Another Related Post Plugin

    Yet Another Related Post Plugin or YARRP is a WordPress plugin that enables your readers to see other posts related to the post or page that they are reading. This plugin will surely increase the number of pages your visitors may read.You may also include a thumbnail alongside the post’s title for you to catch your readers’ attention.

    best wordpress plugins-yet another related posts plugin

  10. Jetpack By

    Jetpack is a plugin that will elevate your self-hosted WordPress site with features only available for users. It’s another plugin by Automattic that will surely amaze you, to know more about the features of Jetpack, you can visit this site: Jetpack by

    best wordpress plugins-jetpack by

    Have another WordPress plugin in mind that you think should be included in this list of the top 10 WordPress plugins today? If yes, then feel free to share it at the comments section below and I will take a look at it myself, maybe I’ll give it a try too.

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