Success comes to those who develop Intense Sustained Concentration


If concentrating sunrays through a magnifying glass could cause a piece of paper to burn, imagine what could happen if all the powers of your mind could be focused on any one thing. Your life is controlled on what you focus on. If you focus on problems you’ll have more problems, but when you focus on possibilities you’ll have more opportunities.

How do you make up your mind to concentrate on the job in hand, when our mind wanders to distant thoughts? How do you conserve your energy and not let it dissipate on irrelevant notions? The needle of concentration is supposed to be sharp for all individual who want success- students, researchers, doctors, businessmen, etc. How many times have you thought of going to the gym, but not get up in the morning? How many times have you thought of quitting smoking, but ended up finishing a whole pack? How many times have you thought of finishing the racing track in a minute, but have never achieved the target? How many times have you thought, but your actions haven’t been mastered by your thoughts? The mind resists discipline- you will be tempted to quit, postpone the task or feel too lazy. Master your mind or let it overpower you, controlling you instead.

Let’s find out what your body actually needs-some mental exercises, to put your mind into a proper place. If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing to do is wake up early in the morning. Find yourself a calm place, where no outside noises can disturb you. Sit down, with your legs crossed and back absolutely straight. Take a couple of deep breaths, relaxing each muscle from the head to the toe for about 20-30 minutes every day. Let happy thoughts come into your mind, think about things that you want to achieve, changes you wish to bring into the society, your family, your friends, yourself. And each time you breathe out, say-“I’m alive.”

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You can also try some simple exercises to keep your mind active and alert. These exercises may appear to be difficult in the beginning, and you may want to stop doing it, but remember, go slowly, don’t overdo or don’t tense your brain. It takes time to master your mind- days, months or even years. But, practice makes a man perfect.

You may want to try the following exercises:
(1) Try to count backwards in your mind, from 100 to 1.
(2) Then you can do the same exercise by skipping the multiples of 3 or 7 or 9.
(3) Take an object, maybe a fruit or a pen, and examine it. Examine the color, its touch, the smell, its texture without letting irrelevant thought creep into your mind (like where did you buy it from or who likes the pen or the apple).
(4) Try counting the number of words in a paragraph of some page in a book you’re reading, without pointing at the words using your finger.

Constant practice is the secret of success. Once you’ve mastered at a particular level of difficulty, you raise the bar a little higher. After sometime, your mind would learn to be calm and peaceful. Outside commotion won’t affect you. Become focused, but not isolated, you’ll recognize the important aspects of your job in hand outsource the rest.

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