Steve’s Journey To the Top of The Day Trading Industry

Math was always Steve’s thing. He could do math backwards and forwards, sideways and lengthwise. Geometry, algebra, calculus, it did not matter. He masters all these and more by the time he was 12. He read Isaac Newton’s original works for fun. He was programming computers when he was 8 and building websites for his dad’s contracting buddies when he was 10.

So, by the time Steve graduated high school, everyone thought he was destined to be a rocket scientist. Or an astronaut. Everyone in Steve’s town knew that he was headed for something big. Then Steve disappeared.

What Steve never told anyone was this: Steve was seriously bored with his own genius. He was so damn tired of everyone being wowed by abilities that were decades old to him. So he could create a perfect HTML5-based website for his dad’s friend Billy’s construction business in under 12 hours. And he could recite the digits of Pi out to 15 spaces.

It all bored him. Immensely. So once he turned 18 and walked across the stage at his high school graduation, Steve hopped out of town on a Greyhound. He wanted to see what else was out there. There had to be more to this than wowing everyone with numerical-based tricks.

Steve spent his college years working odd jobs, restaurants mostly, and hitchhiking across the United States. He spent some time in Canada also, but mostly he stayed Stateside.

One day, Steve was surfing through the internet when he came across Warrior Trading on Facebook. He had a fake account because he never wanted to see his townie friends back home and interact with them. He googled around and found Warrior Trading reviews on other sites. The concept of day trading intrigued him.

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Steve usually avoided math if he could help it. He like washing dishes and cooking and bartending. But the charts and tickers and videos on Warrior Trading’s website made sense to him. He could feel something here, like there was something to be had. Beyond money. Money had never really interested Steve.

Steve moved back home and started in on Warrior’s classes. He made money within a month. He proved to be one of the most successful and fastest-rising students in the site’s history. He took all the strategies and made money at all of them.

Not that he really needed or wanted the money. He liked being good at something that he discovered. He even liked that everyone thought he was crazy for picking day trading with brain like his. Steve was an iconoclast. And Warrior Trading was his muse.

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