5 Ways That You Should Do In Starting Your Dog Breeding Business

Start your very own business: A Dog Breeding Business

A dog breeding business are great for pet lovers, specifically those who really enjoy caring for a dog. It’s a good way to care for a dog and at the same time earn some cash by just doing so.

It may be a fun and exciting experience for you and your family. Having a dog is good, but taking care of cute and innocent puppies would be a great experience.

You can start out by welcoming just one female dog in your family. If you think you can handle the first breeding, you might want to add another dog. If you think you cannot, you can just keep the dog and spay her.

Starting your own dog breeding business

Starting your own dog breeding business

To start your dog breeding business, you must first have these things:

  • Your determination and dedication to start this kind of business
  • A female dog. of course
  • Proper supplies that you will need to take good care of your female dog like food and water bowls, a nutritious dog food, collar and leash, dog soap and shampoo, etc.
  • A place where the mother can whelp her puppies
  • Supplies that the puppies will need when they arrive like clean towels, puppy food, puppy milk, vitamins, etc.

5 Ways That You Can Easily Do To Start Your Dog Breeding Business

If you know you can complete those things, then you can start your dog breeding business right away. Here are some advice that you can follow when you have your very own dog breeding business:

  1. Select the right dog for you not the dog breed that has sells high in the market.
    If you think you can’t handle a big dog that has a high selling value, don’t pick that kind of breed when you know you can’t take good care of it. Only select the breed you like to have, in that way, you know that you will do your best to take care of that dog.
  2. Keep track of your expenses and lessen it as much as possible
    Remember to not to spend too much when it comes to your dog, but also don’t spend to less that your dog will not be in a great shape when you start breeding it. Don’t go to a grooming salon too often, if you have the time, bath your dog on your own. Don’t feed it too much and remember to exercise it regularly.

    black siberian husky stud

    My male Siberian husky

  3. Select the right stud
    The dog that will be mating with your bitch will also play an important part in what the puppies would appear. They may also increase the price of the puppies depending on the stud’s pedigree or papers. Have the time to scout for potential studs and pick the best of them.
  4. Build a whelping box
    A whelping box is where your dog will give birth and where the puppies would stay for about one to 1 and a half months. You should make it as secure and comfortable for them. It is advisable to put it in a quiet place where there is little traffic.
  5. And always remember this…
    When you start breeding your dog you should not think of the amount you will earn first, but on how you can improve the breed of your dog and how you can bring healthy, beautiful and adorable puppies into this world. All your hard work will be paid of when you see those puppies arrive and the smile they would bring to you and their future owners when you hand the puppies to them.
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Your earnings in this business may pay off the all your expenses in taking care of your dog and puppies, and earn some but do not expect to gain too much. It may take a long time for you before you can earn in this business, approximately, 1 to 2 years or even longer.

If you can sell the puppies for 8,000 pesos or above each (8,000 pesos may be the average price that you can sell a pure-bred dog here in the Philippines) then selling 2 to 3 puppies may reimburse all your expenses. If your dog produced 4 or 5 puppies, then you can expect to gain about 16,000 pesos or above. Remember that the bigger the dog, the more puppies it can produce but the more expenses you will be asked to make.

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