The Top Ten Richest Men In The Philippines Today

The Top 10 Richest Men In The Philippines Today (2013)



Net Worth



Henry Sy

$13.5 billion dollars



Lucio Tan

$5 billion dollars



Enrique Razon, Jr.

$4.9 billion dollars



Andrew Tan

$3.95 billion dollars



David Consunji

$2.8 billion dollars



George Ty

$2.6 billion dollars



Lucio and Susan Co

$2 billion dollars



Robert Coyiuto, Jr.

$1.6 billion dollars



Tony Tan Caktiong

$1.4 billion dollars

Fast Food


Andrew Gotianun

$1.2 billion dollars

Banking, Real Estate


Robert Ongpin

$1.2 billion dollars


All stats above are from March 2013, any changes will be made a year later
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The Top 5 Richest Men In The Philippines 2013

  1. Henry Sy

    Net Worth: $13.2 billion dollars
    The richest man in the Philippines of this year 2013 is no other than the previous Philippine’s richest man for the past 4 years, Mr. Henry Sy. Referred to as the “Retail King” of the country, Mr. Sy’s SM malls are still the Philippine’s leading retail store and his banking institution, Banco de Oro is still the largest bank here in the Philippines. Henry Sy also has other businesses that he runs or owns like the China Banking Corporation, Belle Corporation and the Highlands Prime, Inc. With so many sources of income, it’s no wonder why Henry Sy is still the richest man in the Philippines and why he has more than 8 billion dollars lead to the second man on this list.

  2. Lucio Tan

    Net Worth: $5 billion dollars
    Mr. Lucio Tan claimed the top 2 spot with his 5 billion dollars net worth, he’s money comes from various businesses like his Century Park Hotel, Asia Brewery (the second largest brewery in the country), Philippine Airlines, University of the East (UE), Philippine National Bank (PNB), and other businesses on different fields.

  3. Enrique Razon, Jr.

    Net Worth: $4.9 billion dollars
    Not far behind on Lucio Tan is Mr. Enrique Razon’s $4.9 billion dollars net worth. He is the owner of the International Container Terminal Services, Inc., Asia Star Freight Services and the newly-opened entertainment center, Solaire Resort and Casino. He also owns stakes in Bloomberg Resorts and Hotels, in which some people say is the reason for the sudden increase of his net worth and why his now the third richest man in the Philippines.

  4. Andrew Tan

    Net Worth: $3.95 billion dollars
    Mr. Andrew Tan is well-known for owning one of the most successful real estate developer in the country, Megaworld. He also runs the Emperador Distillers Incorporation and the Golden Arches Development Corporation, which has the franchise of McDonald’s, the most world’s famous fast food chain. I also happen to see a lot of Megaworld’s infrastructures being constructed these days, maybe he’ll move up on this list in the next year or so with all those future earnings that he and his company will have.

  5. David Consunji

    Net Worth: $2.8 billion dollars
    David Consunji is the chairman of DMCI Holding, Inc., a holding company that has investments on the fields of mining, power generation, utility and construction. As most young people don’t know, Mr. David Consunji was a former secretary of the Department of Public Works, Transportation and Communications during the Marcos-era. Maybe that’s one of the reason why his holding company has those kind of interests.

  6. George Ty

    Net Worth: $2.6 billion dollars
    George Ty is well-known for being the owner of the Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company, or most commonly known as Metrobank. Mr. George Ty also has stakes on other banks such as Bank of the Philippine Islands and the Philippine Savings Bank, and a real estate firm called Federal Land, Inc. This man helps run two of the biggest bank (BPI & Metrobank) in the Philippines today, PS Bank may not be too far behind and it could also join the list of the biggest banks one day.

  7. Lucio and Susan Co

    Net Worth: $2 billion dollars
    Lucio and Susan Co, the most controversial people on this list, has a net worth of $2 billion dollars mainly because of their always growing retail stores called Puregold Price Club, or just Puregold, a retail store that the most common Filipinos love. It’s the second largest retailer in the Philippines, second to Henry Sy’s SM malls. The couple also shown some interests on real estates and hotels.

  8. Robert Coyiuto, Jr.

    Net Worth: $1.6 billion dollars
    Robert Coyiuto Jr. is the chairman of the Coyuito Group of Companies that has stakes in real estates, travel, publication business, oil exploration, securities and insurance. He incorporated PGA Cars, which is the sole distributor of Porsche and Audi automobiles in the country. He’s also a director of Robinsons Land Corporation, a well-known real estate developer in the country but not as great as Megaworld, though.

  9. Tony Tan Caktiong

    Net Worth: $1.4 billion dollars
    Tony Tan Caktiong is the founder and chairman of Jollibee, the nation’s leading fast food chain. Tony Tan’s Jollibee has expanded and now owns over 1,450 stores worldwide, these Jollibee stores includes Greenwich, Chowking, Red Ribbon, Mang Inasal, Manong Pepe’s and Tita Frita’s Uling Uling. With Jollibee on his side, Mr. Caktiong really earned a spot on this list of Philippine’s richest men.

  10. Andrew Gotianun and Roberto Ongpin

    Net Worth: $1.2 billion dollars
    Tied on the tenth spot on list of richest men in the Philippines is Andrew Gotianun and  Roberto Ongpin. Mr. Gotianun runs the Filinvest Development Corporation, a well-known real estate developer here in the Philippines. He also runs EastWest Bank, an up-and-coming bank in the country today.
    On the other hand, Mr. Roberto Ongpin has stake on some major companies in the Philippines today like Philex Petroleum Corporation, Philex Gold Holdings, Inc., Brixton Energy and Mining Corporation, Silangan Mindanao Mining Co., Inc. and Philex Gold Philippines, Inc.

That rounds out our top 10 list of the richest men in the Philippines. I hope this list provided great information to you about those people. If you want to be included on this list, then you better get started now and good luck with that.

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