Restarting After Failures


A failure is said to be part and parcel of your life. It has to be there at some point in your life to make you learn a lot of important lessons. Failures and its cause could be anything from simple assumption to being lack of hard-work. But the way one takes failures is what sets him apart from the crowd. There are various anecdotes of success and failures and people emerging from the latter. Everything, every moment has a meaning to it. This has to be learnt, understood and only moving ahead would help.

The only obstacle after failures is the guts required to begin. It requires a lot of strength, courage and conviction to be back at the same track but with enhanced energy, confidence and hard-work. But one has to restart which is for sure. So gathering all those values and for prolonged levels is another temperament to be learnt. One has to make it step by step. One should talk to positive people, people who think you can make it once again with all the effort. Surrounding oneself around positive people can make yourself feel positive, motivated to start all over from scratch.

The next thing you could do is ponder over your steps which let you to fail in life. You need to realise every step even your mindset, attitude and approach while have appeared for the target. This way you could realise the weak and areas which need improvement. You can write them down to not repeat in the future. Also you could watch videos of famous people with similar goals and learn their strategies. This way you new strategy will be filled with so much energy and enthusiasm that you will feel the difference.

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Another thing while you restart is by incorporating all that is required to be successful. It should not come out of jealousy or any negative emotions. The restart should come with a more grown up and mature side of you taking the reigns in your hand. You must keep believing in yourself. No matter what the difficulties it must not deter you from putting your efforts.

Don’t get emotional while re-practising the same topics. Just make sure you don’t assume things that you had done this before. You need to start from scratch and redo all that you might be even good at. Be practical while revisiting your weaker or strength areas. Also don’t let your past hover around to let you live in the present. You have to make things happen.

Lastly to bring yourself back in the process, start with tiny steps to please yourself. Decide a simple and easy task and try doing it. When you do it and make things happen the feeling of joy will inspire you to do more. Then a bit more for the next day and slightly more for the third day. If you practise this religiously for three days with the bottom line as simple, easy and time-bound tasks; you are sure to get back to your practise from the fourth day onwards. This 3 day step really works.

So just keep accepting the reality, forget the past and keep moving. The success will be surely yours.

Happy restarting!

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