Best Online Auction Sites In The Philippines

Things That you Should Know About Online Auction Sites In The Philippines

What are online auction sites?

Online auction sites, also called bidding sites, are websites that give you the opportunity to bid for an item or service you want through the Internet. When you participate in an online auction, you can get the item you want in a very affordable price, way less than the item’s retail price.

How do these Philippine auction sites work?

The first thing you must do is to register in a Philippine online auction website and acquire bids that you must have to be able to participate. Some sites may give you bids for free when you register with them or like their Facebook page, something like that, but most of the time you must pay a certain amount of money to acquire bids. When you have enough bids, then you can start participating at the auction.

An online auction works like a normal auction, there’s a minimum bid already in place and when other participants start bidding the price of the item being auctioned goes up. When others stop bidding and you’re the only bidder left, then you could pay the amount you owe and claim your price. That’s just how simple these online auction sites in the Philippines work.

What’s next when I won in an online auction site in the Philippines?

When you’re the highest bidder, the online auction operator/s or moderator/s would instruct you on how you’re going to claim your price. This is one of the differences between a normal auction to an online auction, you can’t have your price immediately after you won.

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Are there online auction sites in the Philippines?

Fortunately, yes, there are a few online auction sites in the Philippines. If you want to participate in one, I made you a list of online auction sites in the Philippines that you might check out.

List of Online Auction Sites in the Philippines
      1. Pinoy Tiangge
        This penny auction site gives you the opportunity to have an item you want for just one peso, you read that right, for just a peso you can have a new mobile phone, laptop, camera, etc. The best thing about this site is that they give away free bid points when you register, like their Facebook page and even for just logging into their site. You can also buy bid points on Pinoy Tiangge, their cheapest bid package cost 599 pesos. I’ve already participated in their online auction and fortunately for me, I won 100 more bid points. Those 100 bid points only cost me 1.04 pesos and I can use them when I want to bid more for other items of my choice.
      2. Swerte Bid
        Swerte Bid is almost like Pinoy Tiangge, you can buy bids and start participating in their online auction right away. When I checked their site out, I can say that it really looks like Pinoy Tiangge, you can see it yourself my visiting their website. I haven’t tried it out yet, but everything seems to look legit and  I’m planning to participate in their auction someday. They also offer a broad selection of items that you can bid on.
      3. Bidgatin
        This Philippine online auction site is very different from the ones above because you can only buy bids through mobile transfer such as GCash and Smart Money, the good thing is that you can buy bids for as low as a 100 pesos. This online auction site seems suspicious but I don’t know, I also haven’t tried this one yet. You may check it out yourself by searching it on Google.
      4. Happy2Bid
        Happy2Bid has a nice looking website and you can register there for free just like the others above. When you register, you can have free 8 bids from them that you may use when you participate in their auctions. You may also buy bids from them, the Starter package, worth 200 pesos with 25 tokens, is the cheapest. As of today, there’s not much of competition there, so you have higher chances of winning if you’re going to join now on this Philippine online auction site.
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Tips and Warnings When Using these Philippine Online Auction Sites
      • If you really want to save on items you want to buy, don’t use auction sites, you may visit group buying sites instead. Auction sites are made for fun and entertainment of customers, but nonetheless, it’s really your choice.
      • Several online auction sites in the Philippines are scams and many of them already closed out, so check them out on Google first and place scam after the site’s name to know if it’s really legal.
      • Another way to check if the online auction site is legal is to look for customer’s reviews and winner’s testimonials about the Philippine online auction site you want to participate on.

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