The Noise of Your Success is the only Sound that will Echo

Your actions make more difference than your words. ‘It’s easier said than done.’ It is easier to complain, to point out the flaws, to pump up your ego or anger, to criticize, but making an effort to bring about a change needs hard work and patience. People will acknowledge you by your accomplishments alone. There are people who just quietly get on with things, they let others do the talking while they concentrate on doing the job.

Bragging about your success even before you achieve it is arrogance. Believe in your actions, whether they are noticeable right now or not. There is a difference between being proud of your achievements and being disrespectful towards others. Humility is a sign of strength and not weakness. Be modest about your achievements, and stay grounded to your values, you will have nothing to prove to others. Be comfortable in your own skin, let your ego stay on the ground and your dreams reach the sky.

Be humble; don’t let success go to your head. Being humble is usually associated with being submissive, insecure or passive. But humble people are quite the opposite, they are confident and competitive in themselves, and they seek the motivation to realize one’s own maximum potential and possibilities. To be humble is not thinking less of others, and at the same time not thinking less of your ownself. Telling the world of your achievements, without really having to speak about it: self-efficacy. In our journey of life, we should never forget our roots, the point where we started from. We should respect the values and principles which have helped us become better, because these stay with us forever, whereas success is temporary. Success is a journey, not a destination. You can’t get too proud or satisfied with your past achievements, and stop trying. Stop feeding your ego, don’t distance yourself from the reality. Surround yourself with people who help you notice your flaws and work on them, people who point out your mistakes and help  you rectify them, instead of people who stroke your ego. Take feedbacks. When you voluntarily ask for someone else’s opinion, you prove that you respect their opinion, don’t have huge egos, and are willing to change for the bigger benefit.

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The universe is infinite and success is never permanent. Once you achieve something, there is something else you start off for. This journey is never ending. You don’t have to get into power plays.  Instead of reacting, just smile, nod, and let the person have his or her moment. Let the bragger be satisfied.

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