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Sorting advertisements for homes for sale, making appointments for visits, deciphering the information transmitted: buying real estate is a tedious process. But new services offered by start-ups and often inspired by Anglo-Saxon countries save time, and sometimes money.

Digital property hunters have thus made their appearance. Depending on your search criteria, their software scans the websites showing ads before sending them to you. Like an old-fashioned apartment hunter, someone does the upstream property tours in order to make a selection. This is the case with Monchasseurimmo, which offers research throughout France. The service is billed at 2% to 3% of the purchase price (or a fixed price of 6,900 euros for transactions under 230,000 euros). Same price for Nomad Homes.

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“This price may seem high, but we support our clients in finding the apartment, obtaining information on the property and even negotiating. This allows them to buy at the fairest price and to save money ”, says Vincent Mogniat-Duclos, Managing Director of Nomad Homes.

Other specialists in real estate hunting: Cosim and Homeselect, which advertise fees between 1.5% and 2.75%, while with “classic” real estate hunters, they can reach 6% of the purchase price. But most of these structures limit their action to Ile-de-France, or even to Paris. Elsewhere, it is possible to use Homeleo, a platform that connects buyers (free of charge) with property hunters operating throughout the country. Like real estate agents, hunters are only paid if the sale is successful.

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3D images of the accommodation

Are you looking for a property to rent it out? Some hunters are specialized in rental investment. They select goods for their clients and offer a turnkey project, renovation and furnishings included. This is the case with Masteos and Brickmeup. The latter shows a price of 7,700 euros for an investment of less than 100,000 euros, and 25,000 euros for an investment between 400,000 euros and 600,000 euros. Rental management is invoiced in addition and represents 6.3% of the rents collected.

Masteos modulates the price according to the services used: 5% of the sale price on the “property hunter” part; the renovation is paid for by the customer according to the estimates of the craftsmen and the price for the furnishings starts at 2,290 euros. “We systematically involve decorators for the arrangement”, specifies Thierry Vignal, co-founder of Masteos.

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