Make Money While You Travel- 10 Best travel Jobs


Have you ever wanted to just quit your boring desk job and travel around the world? Tired of saving up money for yearly vacations?  Well, it seems like you don’t really have to quit your job- you can make money while you travel. Here is a list of job opportunities which will allow you to visit different locations as part of the job requirement.

  • Work as an Au Pair
    You will be required to stay with a host family in a foreign country for a temporary period of time and look after the children. It is a sort of professional live-in baby sitting. You will be receiving a small salary, and it is an excellent opportunity for you to explore different cultures at different places around the globe.
  • Cruise Line Worker
    You travel through the waters, receive free food and accommodation, and your life would be full of glamour and glory, just how Hollywood movies show it.
  • Travel Tour Guide
    Instead of getting a job as a local tour guide, you can join an International tour agency which will hook you up with some really cool single or multi destination tours.
  • English Teacher
    With English being the most spoken language through the world, professional English teachers are highly sought after around the world and the pay can be decent. But knowing the language isn’t enough, you would need a college degree and TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate.
  • Sports Instructor
    If you are exceptionally good at some sport, especially adventure sports such a scuba driving or skydiving, you may get o travel to different locations as a professional instructor.
  • Flight Attendant
    You’ll be constantly flying around the world, with lavish parties at different locations, hotel discounts, 90% off on air tickets, and working above the clouds.
  • Travel Writer and Photographer
    Well this isn’t as simple as it sounds- you need to be a good writer, you need to pitch in with editors and know about networking. If you plan to a professional travel photographer, you can sell images to clients directly or in bulk to sites.
  • Field Service Engineer
    This job requires you to help customer with installation or repair of a product and sometimes the clients are spread worldwide.
  • International Aid Worker
    You travel to make a real difference in the lives of the needy across the 7 oceans. Visiting struggling countries, organizing health camps or educational workshops, rescuing people stuck in natural disasters are some of the things comprising in this job portfolio.
  • Retail Buyer
    If fashion and the latest trends interest you, retail purchasing may be the ideal job for a fashionista with a wanderlust. Visiting different countries, identifying rends, attending business conferences and events, negotiating merchandise deals, you would be making some very important decisions about where your product would and should sell.
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There is no easy way to make money while travelling if you don’t have proper skills and enough commitment to make it work. Take a look at some these jobs, research before you set out on an adventure. Dreams don’t work until you do.

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