How to Look Good in Pictures

Do you ever feel the camera never seems to like you? Do you feel, no matter how good yu try to look, your pictures just don’t do enough justify? Well, my fellow millennials here is a list of tips you may want to use that will help you absolutely striking in your pictures. Read on shutterbugs!

  • Photographs are nothing but optical illusions. So when you stand you need to make there is a slight separation between your arms and your body, instead of keeping them glued to your sides. Keep them a little away from the body to look natural, instead of looking uptight. Also, this posture may even help you look thinner. A slight difference in position of the arms can create a massive difference.
  • If you feel you look too thin in you pictures, you should turn your entire body towards the camera, so that you appear as wide as possible.
  • Look taller: If you’re posing with someone taller than you are, don’t give a frame of reference. For example, don’t stand next to tall people or objects with a familiar height as reference. When you can, sit down. A viewer’s brain does not look for height when the photo is of someone sitting. Similarly, cropped shorts can work in your favor, especially vertical profile photos; avoid full-length body shots. In that case, tell them to shoot from a lower angle—the camera lens should be at your waist or below).
  • If you’re being shot head-on, cross your legs, starting at the calf. This posture makes your hips look slimmer and legs taller. Another plus point is it gives a more casual touch to your photograph.
  • There is always an added advantage for people with long hair. You can always try the action shot, where you turn your head sharply while you are moving. This creates a stunning effect, especially because you hair adds a slight drama when you move your head.
  • To avoid a double chin, elongate your neck and push your face forward a bit.
  • Never forget the Beyonce pose – put your hand on your hip, angle your body to the side and turn your head towards the camera. It’s a cliché, but it really does work to help you look slimmer.
  • You may not look exactly great in head-on shots, so instead you could stand a little sideways or tilt your chin a bit upward or downward.
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