A List Of UITFs In the Philippines That You Can Invest On

UITFs in the Philippines

Before you see the list of UITFs, why not know a little more about it first. Unit Investment Trust Funds, or UITFs in short, is a type of investment vehicle that are somewhat like mutual funds. It is managed by professionals, so you don’t have to worry about your money too much. Just hand your money to them, wait and redeem, also don’t forget to pray and hope for the best.

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This list of UITFs was made for those new and/or old investors of Unit Investment Trust Funds. I hope this can help you find your new investment venture and for you start growing your hard-earned money with the help of UITFs.

List of UITFs in the Philippines
  • Allied Unit Performance Dollar Fund
  • Allied Unit Performance Equities Fund
  • Allied Unit Performance GS Fund
  • AUB Equity Investment Fund
  • AUB Gold Dollar Fund
  • AUB Peso Investment Fund
  • Bancommerce Dollar Trust Fund
  • Bancommerce Peso Trust Fund
  • BDO Dollar Bond Fund
  • BDO Dollar Money Market Fund
  • BDO Equity Fund
  • BDO GS Fund
  • BDO Institutional Cash Reserve Fund
  • BDO Institutional Equity Fund
  • BDO Institutional Fixed Income Fund – INSTITUTIONAL (TAX-EXEMPT)
  • BDO Medium Term Dollar Bond Fund
  • BDO Merit Fund Medium Term Portfolio
  • BDO Merit Fund Short Term Portfolio – Institutional (Tax-Exempt)
  • BDO Peso Balanced Fund
  • BDO Peso Bond Fund
  • BDO Peso Fixed Income Fund
  • BDO Peso Money Market Fund
  • BPI Balanced Fund
  • BPI Equity UITF
  • BPI Global Equity Fund UITF
  • BPI Global Philippine Fund UITF
  • BPI Institutional UITF
  • BPI International Fund Plus UITF
  • BPI Philippine Dollar Bond Index Bond Fund
  • BPI Philippine Equity Index Fund
  • BPI Premium UITF
  • BPI Short Term UITF
  • China Banking Corp – ChinaBank DollarFund
  • China Banking Corp – ChinaBank GS Fund
  • EastWest Banking Corp-Infinity Peso Long Term Bond Fund
  • EastWest Banking Corp-Infinity Peso Money Market Fund
  • Landbank Global Dollar Fund
  • Landbank Government Securities Fixed Income Fund
  • Landbank Growth Fund
  • Metro Balanced Fund
  • Metro Equity Fund
  • Metro Max 3 Bond Fund
  • Metro Max 5 Bond Fund
  • Metro Money Market Fund
  • Metro Wealth Builder
  • Metro Dollar Max 3 Bond Fund
  • Metro Dollar Max 5 Bond Fund
  • Metro Dollar Money Market Fund
  • PBCom Signature Trust Fund
  • PNB Dollar Prime UITF
  • PNB Dollar Profit UITF
  • PNB Dollar Punla UITF
  • PNB DREAM Builder UITF
  • PNB High Dividend Fund
  • PNB Mabuhay Plus UITF
  • PNB Mabuhay Prestige UITF
  • PNB Mabuhay Prime UITF
  • PNB Peso Punla UITF
  • PNB Phisix UITF
  • RCBC Dragon Fund UITF
  • RCBC Eagle Dollar Fund UITF
  • RCBC Phoenix Dollar Fund UITF
  • RCBC Tiger Equity Fund UITF
  • RCBC Unicorn Fund UITF
  • SB Dollar Bond Fund
  • SB Peso Bond Fund
  • SB Peso Money Market Fund
  • Security Bank SB Peso Asset Variety Fund UITF
  • Security Bank SB Peso Equity Fund UITF
  • UBP Fund Fixed Income Tax-Exempt Portfolio
  • UCPB United Balance Fund
  • UCPB United Cash Management Fund
  • UCPB United Conservative Fund
  • UCPB United Equity Fund
  • UCPB United US$ Money Market Fund
  • UnionBank Infinity Prime Fund
  • UnionBank Peso Balanced Portfolio
  • UnionBank UBP Current Income Portfolio
  • UnionBank UBP Large Cap Philippine Equity Portfolio
  • UnionBank UBP Long Term Current Income Portfolio
  • UnionBank UBP Peso Money Market Portfolio
  • UnionBank UBP Philippine Dollar Bond Portfolio
  • UnionBank UBP Philippine Peso Bond Portfolio

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