List of Debit Cards In The Philippines That You Can Get

A List Of Debit Cards In The Philippines That You Can Get

Debit cards in the Philippines are becoming popular today, and some reasons for that are the convenience it gives to Filipinos when they pay for their purchases and the security it gives to the card holders.Debit Cards in the Philippines

Debit cards may be use to purchase items or services offline and online, you may also use it nationwide, and for Visa and MasterCard debit cards you can use it worldwide. Now that online shopping is becoming a trend, having a debit card will give you an easier method to pay for your online purchases.

Basically, every major banks here in the Philippines offer debit cards to their customers. To help you find the debit card you want, here is the list of debit cards in the Philippines that you may get:

  1. Banco De Oro Unibank (BDO)
    • BDO Savings Account with ATM Access
    • BDO Cash Card (Local and International)
  2. Bank of Philippine Islands (BPI)
    • BPI Savings Account with ATM Access
    • BPI Prepaid and Gift Cards (My ePrepaid, BPI Express Gift, Express Cash, Express Cash Gift, Corporate Express Cash and Express Money Order)
  3. Metrobank
    • Metrobank Debit Card
    • Metrobank Prepaid Card
  4. Security Bank
    • Security Bank Cash Card
    • Security Bank Cash Card International MasterCard
    • Security Bank CashLink Card
    • Security Bank CashLink International MasterCard
    • Security Gift Card Local
    • Security Gift card International MasterCard
  5. Land Bank of the Philippines
    • Land Bank Savings Account with ATM Access
    • Land Bank Cash Card
  6. UnionBank of the Philippines
    • Unionbank e-Wallet
    • UnionBank Savings Account
    • UnionBank EON Visa Debit Card
  7. EastWest Bank
    • EastWest Basic Savings Account with Visa Debit card
    • EastWest ATM Access Savings Account
    • EastWest Passbook + Debit card
    • EastWest Prepaid Card
  8. Maybank Philippines
    • MyCash Card
    • Money2U ATM
  9. Allied Bank
    • ABC Cash Card
  10. Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC)
    • HSBC Debit Card
  11. Sterling Bank of Asia
    • ShopNPay Visa Debit Card
    • Classic Visa Prepaid Card
    • Visa Prepaid Loan Cards
    • Visa Prepaid Gift Card
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Those are my list of debit cards in the Philippines, if you got any bank or debit card to add. You can share it in the comment sections below. I’ll be glad to add it here in this list of debit cards in the Philippines.

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