List Of Credit Cards In The Philippines Today

A List of Credit Cards In The Philippines Today

Having a credit card or two can be very helpful to a person’s finances because of what credit cards offer, which is convenience. Convenience to pay for your purchases without using cash and to buy things you need in any parts of the world, as long as your credit card will be recognized by the merchant. To give you more convenience, I made this list of credit cards in the Philippines that you can freely use.

If you’re into getting your very first credit card or you’re planning to get another credit card, then you came in the right place to find who or where you can get your credit card from. Here is a list of credit card providers in the Philippines and the following credit cards that they offer to their clients:

  1. Bank of the Philippines Islands (BPI)
    • BPI Blue MasterCard
    • BPI Gold MasterCard
    • Petron-BPI MasterCard
    • BPI Skymiles MasterCard
    • BPI Skymiles Platinum MasterCard
    • BPI Family Credit Card MasterCard
    • BPI eCredit MasterCard
    • BPI-Ayala Malls Amore Visa
    • BPI-Ayala Malls Amore Visa Platinum
    • BPI Edge MasterCard
  2. Banco de Oro Unibank (BDO)
    • BDO Classic MasterCard
    • BDO Gold MasterCard
    • BDO Titanium MasterCard
    • BDO Platinum MasterCard
    • BDO Shop More MasterCard
    • BDO-Forever 21 MasterCard
    • BDO-Bench MasterCard
    • BDO-La Salle Centennial MasterCard
    • BDO Blue from American Express
    • BDO American Express Credit Card
    • BDO American Express Gold Credit Card
    • BDO American Express Platinum Credit Card
    • BDO-Cathay Pacific American Express Credit Card
    • BDO-Cathay Pacific American Express Elite Credit Card
    • BDO Classic Visa
    • BDO Gold Visa
    • BDO Platinum Visa
    • BDO JCB Lucky Cat
    • BDO JCB Gold
    • BDO UnionPay Gold
  3. Metrobank
    • Metrobank Classic Visa
    • Metrobank Gold Visa
    • Metrobank Platinum MasterCard
    • M Lite MasterCard
    • M Free MasterCard
    • Metrobank-Toyota MasterCard
    • Metrobank Femme Visa
    • Metrobank-Robinsons-Cebu Pacific MasterCard
    • Metrobank Dollar MasterCard
  4. Security Bank
    • Security Bank Classic MasterCard
    • Security Bank Gold MasterCard
    • Security Bank Platinum MasterCard
    • Security Bank MasterCard Corporate Card
    • Security Bank e-Secure
  5. Maybank
    • Maybank MasterCard Standard
    • Maybank MasterCard Gold
    • Maybank MasterCard Platinum
    • Maybank Visa Classic
    • Maybank Visa Gold
    • Maybank Visa Platinum
  6. Land Bank of the Philippines
    • LandBank Classic Local Visa
    • LandBank Gold Local Visa
    • LandBank Classic International Visa
    • LandBank Gold International Visa
  7. Philippine National Bank
    • PNB Essentials MasterCard
    • PNB Platinum MasterCard
    • PNB Mabuhay Miles Essentials MasterCard
    • PNB Mabuhay Miles Platinum MasterCard
    • PNB MAbuhay Miles World MasterCard
    • PNB Visa Classic
    • PNB Visa Gold
  8. EastWest Bank
    • EastWest Everyday MasterCard
    • EastWest Classic MasterCard
    • EastWest Gold MasterCard
    • EastWest Classic Visa
    • EastWest Gold Visa
    • EastWest Platinum MasterCard
    • EastWest Dolce Vita MasterCard
    • EastWest Practical MasterCard
    • EastWest LaunsAutoGroup Visa
    • EastWest-Hyundai MasterCard
  9. Citibank
    • Citibank Classic MasterCArd
    • Citibank Gold MasterCard
    • Citibank Classic Visa
    • Citibank Gold Visa
    • Citibank Rewards MasterCard
    • Citibank Cash Back MasterCard
    • Citibank PremierMiles Visa
    • Citibank-Cebu Pacific Visa
    • Citibank-Rustan’s Visa
    • Citibank-Mercury Drug Visa
    • Citibank-Shell Visa
    • Citibank Platinum Visa
    • Citibank-Megaworld Visa
  10. Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC)
    • HSBC Red MasterCard
    • HSBC Gold Visa
    • HSBC Platinum Visa
    • HSBC Advance Visa
    • HSBC Premier MasterCard
  11. Standard Chartered Bank
    • Standard Chartered Classic Visa
    • Standard Chartered Gold Visa
    • Standard Chartered Platinum Cash Rewards Visa
    • Standard Chartered Priority Banking Visa Infinite
    • Standard Chartered Manulife Visa
  12. Allied Bank
    • Allied Bank Essentials MasterCard
    • Allied Bank Premium MasterCard
  13. Bank of Commerce
    • Bank of Commerce Classic Visa
    • Bank of Commerce Gold Visa
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As you can see in the list of credit cards above, BPI, BDO, EastWest Bank, Citibank and HSBC are the ones offering a broad selection of credit cards for you to choose from and they are also the five of the best credit card providers in our country today.

There’s also a card that is very similar with a credit card but it’s not on that list of credit cards because it’s called a debit card. You might want to have one also. Fortunately for you, you can know more about debit cards by just reading this…

What is a debit card?

If you want to add any credit cards that are not in this list, then feel free to say it in the comments section below. I will be happy to add it here in this list of credit cards in the Philippines.

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