Keeping Your Money Safe Online


Spending money online has quickly replaced visiting shopping centres at the weekend and even going to the supermarket. With convenient options like Amazon Prime, shopping has never been easier.

The online gaming market has also vastly expanded in recent years, offering people the chance to play without leaving the house. But it’s not just convenience that’s a big factor in explaining why so many people play at Betway’s online casino as such sites attract players through offering specially encrypted software that enables a way to gamble safely and avoid any fraudulent activity.

However we can’t always leave it up to the internet sites to guarantee our internet safety and that’s why we’ve enclosed a few tips to help you recognize reputable sites and services.

  • Passwords and account numbers. Make these as complex as possible so people cannot figure them out. Most websites will encourage this. Always keep your account details private, especially for your online banking or accounts where you receive money and pay for things. Don’t store these on the notes on your mobile phone, or on a sticky note; just remember them.
  • Use websites with reputable and recognised payment methods; VISA and PayPal are good examples. Ebay uses PayPal to keep banking information private as it is an international website, giving users peace of mind. Betway is partnered with many safe payment methods, including Skrill and Maestro, making payment flexible and safe.
  • Avoid using public computers or devices for banking or shopping. These devices can save your details without your knowledge, and the next user may use your account. In the event that you have to use public computers, always make sure you log out and delete your login information.
  • Always ensure you have sufficient virus protection on your laptop or computer. If you are unlucky enough to get a virus, it could be one that copies bank details and allows the creator to access your accounts.
  • If you order an item online and it doesn’t arrive, make sure you complain. Companies legally have to provide you with the item you have paid for so don’t be afraid to contact them. Some companies are fraudsters and never intend to send anything to their customers who have already paid them. You can call your bank and ask them to stop payments too.
  • Be alert and aware. This involves not clicking links that claim you can ‘make easy money online’, or opening suspicious emails. It even includes not opening links in emails with an unfamiliar sender. You could fall victim to a scam or activate a virus if you’re not careful.
  • Adding passwords to your devices that you use to bank, is a great idea. If you lose your phone and it has no password, someone only has to crack one code to gain access to your banking app. If you can put a password on something, you always should. The option is there for a reason.
  • Don’t keep all of your money in the same place; if someone gains access to one bank account then they won’t have access to all of your cash. It’s a good idea to keep money in two or three different places so hackers can’t take it all, and you have a back-up if something does happen.
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