Ionity accelerates the deployment of its ultra-fast kiosks

Lhe European specialist in electrical terminals Ionity announced on Wednesday that it had raised 700 million euros from its historic shareholders and asset manager BlackRock in order to accelerate the development of its charging network on the old continent.

Founded in 2017, Ionity is a joint venture bringing together several car manufacturers (BMW Group, Ford Motor Company, Hyundai Motor Group, Mercedes Benz AG and Volkswagen Group). Based in Munich, Germany, it aims to standardize the use of electric vehicles on long journeys.

The company now operates some 1,526 charging stations located at 385 locations along the highways of 24 European countries. They are of the ultra-fast type and their very high speed, currently capped at 250 kW, can be increased to 350 kW. In the latter case, Ionity promises an 80% recharge – we never count the last 20% longer to acquire to preserve the battery – in 9 minutes for the rare models capable of absorbing it today. But, tomorrow, there will be many more.

Towards electric service stations

The new investment should allow Ionity to “increase the number of high-power charging stations to 7,000 by 2025,” she explains in a press release. No less than 37 stations are currently under construction and the program should accelerate with some innovations.

These new charging stations will be placed “both on highways, as well as near large cities and on busy national roads”. Ionity also plans to acquire real estate to build and manage dedicated service stations. It also launches on its site a call to owners of land located along major roads. The design of sets of four to six terminals to avoid waiting, equipped with CCS sockets compatible with a majority of models, should make it possible to support the growth of the fleet, estimated in France at 716,000 electric and rechargeable hybrid cars.

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“The confidence and investment of all shareholders will accelerate both the growth of Ionity, the expansion of our high-power charging network across Europe and, in general, the decarbonization of the mobility sector. », Commented the chief executive of the company, Michael Hajesch, quoted in the press release.

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