If One Owns a Large Corporation, do They Need an EIN for Each Separate Office?

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If you run a big corporation with lots of offices, it’s important to have a handle on how to properly set up your business to avoid potential legal/tax mishaps in the future. One of the most important steps for establishing your business is to make sure you are using employer ID numbers (EINs) correctly. So the question is, if you have a lot of separate offices, do you need an EIN for each?

The short answer is no.  Generally, large corporations don’t need to obtain multiple EINs for separate offices as long as those offices are not actual separate subsidiaries.  Using the company’s primary tax ID number for those offices is just fine.  If the separate offices are separate subsidiaries, then yes you do need to obtain different EINs for each one. This can be done through calling or faxing the IRS a form, and then waiting to hear back, or it can be done easily online through the IRS-EIN-Tax-ID website.

How Do You Apply for Multiple EIN Numbers?

In the instance that your corporation has created subsidiaries, you will need to obtain EIN numbers for each of those business entities. This is because the subsidiaries are not recognized as divisions of the original parent company.

To apply for multiple EINs, the parent company needs to first register and file each subsidiary with the proper state agencies, taking into account what type of business entity each subsidiary is. Once you’ve obtained a business tax ID number for the subsidiaries, those new companies can open bank accounts, make payments and operate as independent businesses.

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Questions About Applying for an EIN Number?

If you have set up some subsidiaries and are in need of a new EIN, contact the experts at the IRS EIN Tax ID Filing Service. They can also help with questions about getting a trust tax id number, ss4 online, among other filings.

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