How to land a Wall Street job out of college?

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Wall Street refers to a community hub of both financial and community sectors.  It shelters the headquarters of the largest investments banks and brokerages of the US. Located in the heart of the New York City, this place features stock exchanges and large banks, underwriting firms, brokerages, securities and big businesses.

Since Wall Street is a place where a lot of financial institutions are based, it is a dream for a lot of college students from the finance background to land up in one of the job in Wall Street. Now there is a popular assumption, that only those people with strong connections or a degree form an elite university can get their hands on one of these upscale jobs. But it’s not always the true scenario. With the right kind of approach and a good preparation strategy any one of you can land up in this job. All you have to do is to follow the steps mentioned below.

Know the subject that are valued more and choose your major wisely!

In this ever hustling Wall Street, if you have done your majors in college in one of these subjects like finance, business administration and management, economics, accounting and mathematics, then the chances of your selection get really high. But for all those who have already done their major in a subject which is not as above mentioned, don’t get disheartened! The financial and investment sectors here also hire people who have majors background provided that they have the right skills and have a better understanding of markets and business. 

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Look for an internship at the Wall Street

This is a very important step that you should try to follow to boost the chances of your selection in one of those jobs at Wall Street.  The best time to apply for this internship would be summer right after the junior year of your college. Its benefit is that many firms hire from their own pool of intern, thus if you do an internships from their institutes, chances of you getting hired get really high!

Research on the job that suits you the most!

While Wall Street looks like a fascinating place for all the financial job enthusiasts, to find a job that suits your personality and skills is in itself a big task. There are a variety of jobs that the Wall Street has to offer. Evaluating your own characteristic skills and ability, you can start searching for one of these jobs. Here you can find jobs like broker, investment banker, financial analyst, financial advisor, sales etc.

Make contacts by establishing networks!

Networking is the key to getting a job in this field. There are many social media and online business platforms that allow connecting with people who are already in the Wall Street. By networking you can find someone who can be of a great help in introducing you to someone who may serve as a mentor and guide your way through getting a job.

Finally apply for your dream job!

After doing the whole research on the type of job that suits you personality and skill and establishing a firm network, start applying for the job. Online sites like LinkedIn are of a great help when you are applying. You can call those companies to know about availability of the various job positions or even send out your resumes and grab every single opportunity that comes your way.

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Overall getting a job in the Wall Street isn’t as impossible as people make it sound like. So many people earlier have proved their mettle by getting this job without any connection of any such background and made it to the CEO level. Also you can start with any kind of job if you are not sure about which positing to apply to and gradually make shift in your job stream. All you have to do is follow the right approach in believe in yourselves.

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