How to Find Investors for your Startup?

Investing in different investments

For people who are planning to raise a company, they need to find potential investors. Now investors can play a major role in how far the company goes in the business industry as there is already a lot of competition in the market and starting a new business in this competitive field is not an easy task. Now finding investors is one of those tasks that are performed generally in the initial stages of the establishment of a company. Since this task can be a little tricky, here we are with some tips to help you out with the process of finding the right investor for you.

Through top business schools

Many of the top business schools often run several business and entrepreneurial programs.  Thus they are able to build up a strong network of entrepreneurs and investors who are usually the guest speakers or a faculty or alumni. So you can approach them in order to get in top with some investors.

Approach to other similar companies in your acquaintances

If you know someone who has been in the similar situation and managed to find investors you can approach them to help you with this.  You can also ask for recommendations. Here networking is the key. Do some research on the angel investors and try to get introduced to them.

Online method

Internet is also a great platform for finding investors for your startup company. Sites like quora and LinkedIn can prove to be of great help in finding an angel investor.

Network of the angel investors

Now there are some networks which are member based and they provide their service by location. They operate form a fund that is being set aside by an investment firm so that they can source deals.  In this first the applications are submitted then the angel investors retain their anonymity after that the founder gets offers from various investors.

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Crowd funding

Now there are a multiple of crowdfunding platforms that are available. Some of these are with targeted industries like startups, science, art and business while there are others with the angles for example equity investments.  This is an ideal case for those companies that are usually active participating in these industries or those who wouldn’t mind bare minimum or guidance.  With the help of crowd funding it becomes easy to maximize the potential views by those investors.

Reach upto the entrepreneurial community

This again is one of the first steps that you should while you are n the verge of starting your project from scratch. There are several online platforms like the facebook, LinkedIn etc which you can join and get in touch with various people in the same field including the investors.  This way you can build up a strong relationship with them and hence maybe work together in future as well.


Thus by following the above methods, there is a sure shot that you will land up with a potential investor and kick start your project.

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