How to Decorate on a Budget for a House Party

Are you planning on throwing a party? Have you always thrown a party around the holidays? One of my friends always throws a party, come Christmas. It sort of has become a tradition over the years. We now expect her invitation to arrive every year and keep our calendars clear on the day.

She recently gave birth to a cute little baby boy. This recent addition to the family has made her expenses go way above what she was expecting. Her income has stayed the same, but the expenses have skyrocketed. This doesn’t leave much savings, and definitely not enough to throw a party.

She called me and talked about how she still wanted to throw the party. It was a tradition and she wanted to continue it. For food, we had already decided that this year we were going to do a potluck so that everyone brought a dish and it was less of a burden on her. She was happy about that, mostly relieved I would say. She wouldn’t let anyone else host the party, it was her thing and she wanted to see it through.

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Thanks to the Internet and the great surround sound she owns, entertainment was sorted. We planned a few games for the young ones. Food was sorted with everyone chipping in. That left the decoration. The decoration is one of the huge deals for her. Every year she has a theme. This year it made more sense because that would keep the decoration expenses down. 

Themes also let your imagination loose to make the best of what you have. Here’s how we made it all more cohesive:

  • We made sure to coordinate our decorations with the food and drink plans so that it all tied in together. We told everyone what the theme was, so everyone knew that the dish they needed to bring needed to be according to this theme.
  • Our theme also took into account our potluck plan, and it made it easier for us to use paper plates to fit the ambiance instead of renting some serving plates or buy new ones based on the theme.
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You don’t even have to get matching cutlery to the matching napkins, mix and match is the way to go if you choose a smart enough theme. It was her son’s first-holiday party so we decided to keep the theme centered on children. This gave us the opportunity and creative liberty to throw as many colors as possible and not worry if they belonged to the same color family.

Her numerous candles helped us section off a conversation area for the adults, children weren’t allowed there because we didn’t want anyone injuring themselves and also through the conversation area was the mini booze bar we set up for everyone. We made homemade centerpieces for the table. We used colored paper to make most of our hanging decorations. The time we spent on creating and putting together the decoration also was such a fantastic bonding moment. We caught up on lots of things.

Final Thoughts

Themes allow you to pass off simpler decorations as part of the overall ambiance; they also narrow down the options for you. You can use the available resources and DIY most of the decorations under the umbrella of sticking with the theme.

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