How much Americans spend on Halloween

Ghosts, goblins, and demons can be scary, but what Americans are expected to spend on Halloween this year could be considered even scarier. The COVID-19 pandemic definitely put a stop to Halloween celebrations in 2020, but consumers in the United States are expected to spend a record amount on Halloween in 2021, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF). Plans to participate in Halloween celebrations are approaching pre-pandemic levels.

Key takeaways

  • In the US, plans to participate in Halloween celebrations are below pre-pandemic levels.
  • Americans are projected to spend $ 10.14 billion on the ghoulish vacation in 2021, a record.
  • The average amount spent on costumes, candy, decorations, and greeting cards per person is $ 102.74.

What does Halloween cost

In 2021, 65% of Americans plan to participate in Halloween celebrations, up from 58% in 2020 and just under 68% in 2019. American consumers are projected to spend a record $ 10.14 billion on Halloween , substantially more than the $ 8.05 billion spent in 2020 and $ 8.78 billion in 2019.

The amount per person spent on costumes, candy, decorations, and greeting cards is projected to average $ 102.74, up $ 92.12 in 2020 and $ 86.27 in 2019. Households with children will spend more than double the amount on Halloween items than households without children — an estimate of $ 149.69 versus $ 73.57.

Four. Five%

The percentage of consumers who planned to buy for Halloween in September or earlier. Another 39% is expected to spend during the first two weeks of October.

Costume price

Costumes account for the largest share of spending, $ 3.32 billion in total, followed by decorations ($ 3.17 billion), candy ($ 3 billion), and greeting cards ($ 660 billion).

For kids, dressing up as their favorite character has become a Halloween staple. Superheroes are still popular with Spiderman at the top. While trick-or-treating, you can easily spot crystal tiaras, dresses, and slippers, as princesses remain one of the most popular costume types (right behind Spiderman), with Batman, other favorite superheroes, and witches in the top five. . . Kids costume costs typically range from $ 25 to $ 40, not including additional accessories, makeup, and a candy storage bag.

Many adults will adjust too. The top five adult costumes this year are pretty perennial: witch, vampire, ghost, cat, and pirate. Costumes are generally in the $ 30 to $ 60 range, but can go into the hundreds for the more committed celebrant.

This year, kids dress up as their favorite superheroes and princesses, and parents stick with traditional favorites, but what about the pets in the house? The most popular costumes for pets this year are primarily food or living creatures: pumpkin, hot dog, superhero, cat, and bumblebee make up the top five.

How much money is spent on Halloween each year?

Americans are projected to spend a record $ 10.14 billion on Halloween in 2021, according to the National Retail Federation (NPF). The amount spent per person on costumes, candy, decorations, and greeting cards will average $ 102.74.

How much do Americans spend on Halloween candy?

In 2021, Americans will spend $ 3 billion on Halloween candy. They will spend $ 3.32 billion on costumes.

What Halloween costumes are the most popular?

Superheroes and princesses are the best options for children. Adults prefer to dress up as witches, vampires, ghosts, cats, and pirates.

The bottom line

In 2021, Halloween celebrations are close to pre-pandemic levels and the amount spent on the holidays will be one for the record books. “Americans plan to spend more than ever to make this Halloween memorable,” according to NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay.

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