How Does Beacon Resources Find the Most Fit Candidate for a Job Opening?

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Beacon Resources fits accounting and finance jobs, including senior accountant jobs, with qualified professionals having at least 10 years of practical experience. Beacon’s recruiters pride themselves on getting to know candidates on a personal level to find the most appropriate match for a given position in a timely manner.

Step One: Resume Submission

The first step to being placed through Beacon Resources is to submit your resume via online form. Several file types, including PDF, txt, and Word files, are acceptable. You will also be asked to submit your name and contact information, as well as indicating the area in which you are looking for work and the type of position you want. Your resume will be read by a recruiter rather than a computer. If you are a good candidate for an open position, the recruiter will contact you, and you will move on to the next step.

Step Two: Screening

Before you are put in contact with a prospective employer, you will go through Beacon’s screening process. First, you will be interviewed by your Executive Recruiter, who will question you about your long-term career goals, assess your skills and talents, and gauge your business acumen. After the interview, your recruiter will contact your references, and a background check will be conducted on you.

Step Three: Interview

If you meet Beacon’s rigorous standards and are deemed to be a possible match, your recruiter will arrange an interview at the company. Prior to your interview, your recruiter will help you prepare by offering helpful tips. After the interview, if you are the candidate chosen, a verbal offer of employment will be made to you.

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What sets Beacon Resources apart from other finance headhunters is the follow-up that they provide after the placement is made. They want to be sure that all involved are satisfied by the result and that the arrangement is beneficial for everyone. If you’d like to experience that level of engagement and dedication from a recruiting company, contact Beacon today.

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