Five Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your Home


When designing or redesigning your home, it is crucial to learn a few simple rules that will help you design attractive and, what is more important, cozy home. The listed below tips will help you find a proper balance between all home interior decorations, furniture and accessories.

Here are 5 mistakes to avoid when working on the interior design of your home.

1) Over-Furnished Rooms

Whether a room is big or small, do not put too much furniture in it. Having too much furniture and accessories is usually not the best decision, as a room will look cluttered. It is recommended having only the most necessary pieces of furniture. When placing furniture, make sure you can walk freely in the room, especially if this room is a living room. It is also crucial to choose the right place for each furniture piece.

2) Poor Lighting

Having poor lighting is another mistake you can make. Proper lighting is a key element of any home interior design. It can make any room more cozy and attractive. The more natural light the room has, the better. However, natural lighting is usually not enough. If the windows are small or do not provide enough light, it is necessary having a good overhead lighting. Also try to avoid heavy curtains, they may be suitable only for a bedroom. If the room is big, it is recommended having several sources illuminating it.

3) Not Matching Colors

The colors of the walls, furniture and other interior design accessories should match each other. When choosing furniture, always make sure its color matches the wall paint. Do not be in a hurry and do your best to find matching accessories.

4) Absence of a Focal Point

Every room should have a focal point. It is necessary to remember that large rooms may have several focal points. The most common example of a focal point is a TV in a TV room. Choosing a focal point might be pretty difficult, thus if you lack experience, it is better getting professional help.

5) Doing Everything on Your Own

In order to save money, many people decide designing homes on their own. Doing everything on your own is not the best decision if you lack special knowledge and experience, as you risk to make mistakes that will spoil the whole impression about your home, and also make it less cozy.

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