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The slide sharing platform, has come to life in 2016 and, in less than 3 months, over 2000 beautiful powerpoint slides were uploaded here. This is thanks to the platform’s easy to use and intuitive design and also to its very neat organization. The site’s mission is very clearly stated from the beginning, from the first page that you open: Discover-Create-Share. Once on, you are not left alone to wander about, you are guided. Through a very simple and smart menu, you can access Categories, Brows or Products. We’ll explore to see what each of these buttons do

It is quite intuitive and simple. You can guess what it does. It shows you all the subjects on which you can find infographics, presentations, ideas. You have a wide range to choose from. The categories, some of them, are: Marketing, Healthcare, Relationship, Internet, Food& Beverage. Let’s take, for example, Food& Beverage and see what we can find there. To give you an example, you can find a rich infographic on “The Story Behind favorite foods”.


In the Browse section of the menu, you will find the most recently added materials, the most viewed, the most favored and, why not, the most commented. This way, you can have a broad vision of which is which and what is what and so, maybe, decide which infographic is better to use based on other people’s comments on it.


The name says it all. In this section, you will find templates for almost anything you need: from PowerPoint Templates, to charts, brochure templates, diagrams, flyer templates and, why not, Word Templates. You can download them very easily and just start using them.

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Presentationally was founded in 2016 as a wish to bring together, in the same place, very qualitative and interesting content to share with others. Its intuitive design and easy-to-use and browse interface has made it popular very quickly and its auditory is growing very fast.

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