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We’ve all been there: in a booth that’s just clean enough to be acceptable, gaping at the total of your receipt as you reluctantly feel for the card in your wallet. It’s old news that dining out can take a harmful bite out of your budget, which is why we’ve provided a list of ways for you to make sure that it doesn’t! This post has all the money-saving tips, tricks, and resources you need to dine rich – regret free.

Go Hunting.

As usual, you’ll be surprised with how much money a few coupon codes and preemptive downloads can knock from your total. The web is crawling with coupon venders, and what better place to start hunting than with Groupon?

Groupon is a free resource that supplies outstanding coupon codes for just about anything! It can be accessed through the web or the app. If you don’t already have an account, take a minute to sign up to reap the benefits!

Groupon’s newest development, Groupon Pages, is a directory packed with eateries in your area with a full page on each establishment that includes all the details and discounts you need to make your decision. Take a peek at this Groupon Page for the La Gondola in Chicago, which currently offers a code for a $95.00 value for about half the price!

Don’t stop there! There are plenty of tools similar to Groupon. For more coupon codes, check out Restaurant.com, Living Social and The Krazy Coupon Lady.

Get Personal.

You can snag extra deals and receive notifications of specials by following your favorite joints on Facebook, signing up for their rewards programs, and subscribing to their emails!

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Don’t Drink Your Money.

With most soft drinks adding about $3.00 to your tab and each alcoholic beverage tacking on up to $10.00, it’s clear that the only truly financially wise choice is a glass of tap water.

Eat Every Penny.

Many establishments seem to think massive portion sizes – that are frequently left unfinished – validate high prices. Don’t let them trick you. If you’re dining with others, share an entrée for half the cost to each individual. If sharing isn’t your style, take full advantage of those leftovers and tie them in with your allotted meal expenses!

Let Your Eyes Adjust.

If you’ve left behind a table stacked with half-eaten dishes, chances are you’ve got eyes that are more ambitious than your stomach. Gauge your appetite by recognizing that urge to order “one of everything”. Rather than ordering a plethora of food at once, wait until you’ve finished your first plate to request another. Chances are, you do not have the digestive capabilities of a cow like you thought you would.

In Saving,

By investing some time and effort into scouting for discounts and hunting for deals, you’re in control of the bill. Fortunately, there are resources out there to make saving easier. We’re sure any wise investor would agree, that every second spent is worth every penny saved.

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