Competence Starts with Guaranteeing Your Work

Are you interested or committed? If this one of your hobbies, or are you truly passionate about it? How do you guarantee your work? To guarantee your work means to humor a commitment, to accept that you are going to have to work hard. If you guarantee your results, you will have no options to fail. Dreams are simple, once you understand how hard it is to achieve them. If you understand that, and guarantee to yourself that you will work hard and plan ahead, you will succeed. When you don’t hold back anything and put all your efforts to achieve your goal, you will let go a sigh of satisfaction. Never back down. That is when you’ve truly won, because you’ve learnt something new, to push back your boundaries. Nothing can ever stop you from living your life.

The key is to separate yourself from the usual kind of uninterested, 9-5 wage earners, to become dedicated. Love what you do, otherwise change, and do what you love. Raw commitment and unrestrained dedication, the zeal to achieve what you’ve always had in your mind, that feel is extremely powerful. There are four basic things to keep in mind: Stop procrastinating start working, don’t make excuses to get away from work, don’t hesitate to make some necessary sacrifices and don’t be interested, be committed.

Focus on what is important rather than increasing your workload unnecessarily. You are to ‘work towards’ your goal, rather than making the number of hours you work your actual goal. Be selective about you work on and what you ignore, or let someone else do it for you (outsourcing). If you are leading a team, sometimes it is better to do the more important job, than to sit in the office more long hours to do something that could have been handled by someone else.

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Don’t be lazy, and don’t let your fears and insecurities overtake you in your journey to success. Hold yourself accountable- to both your achievements and failures. Owning to your mistakes is very important for you to learn from those experiences, and move on make new ones. Life is like a game of skipping stones, just that instead of you throwing the stones onto the water, some stones are already floating on the surface of water, while some are already fixed. You have to recognize the ones which are not fixed, and step on the fixed ones to cross the river. You may step onto the floating ones once in a while and fall in the water, but you will find the fixed ones too. What will keep you moving is the urge to cross the river. You know something will come up every now and then, but to change your life, you have to start and keep going. There will always be a new problem, you will always have a reason for ‘not’ doing it, but there would a reason to do it, and that is what you consider.

Success comes to those who believe.

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