Classification of Business

Business clasification

  1. Agriculture: First, you must know that it is a common misconception amongst the masses that agriculture is only related to the growth of crops or looking after animals in the farms and barns. It also includes domestication of fish and other animals. The activities such as lumbering and mining business as well as procurement of oil through drilling systems is a part of agriculture. In fact, extraction of raw materials and natural resources such as natural gas, ore and petroleum and other minerals are also in this classification and category.
  2. Financial services: Finance is a topic that is always in the news. This is because the world truly runs on money. There is constant give and take or services in exchange for money. Business is the pivot on which he world is able to run and function. Imagine, what would be the scenario if there was no currency to carry out deals and transaction. Thus, finance is a division of business which includes bans, credit unions and cards, as well as investment companies to name a few. This is a very broad area which also has mutual funds, stock exchanges, real estate sector and pension funds under its wide and expansive banner.
  3. Entertainment: This is seriously one of the most well-paying industries. I am sure you must have heard of top malls coming up in your area and that a number of leading brands will be opening their stores there. In fact, this also includes the movies and TV shows that we see. There is always a headline in the entertainment section that so and so movie crossed not just the 100 crores or 200 crores mark but also the 300 crores mark. That is the power of this segment. Thus, you can now easily understand that entertainment includes magazines, mass media, film studios, production houses, newspapers as well as digital media.
  4. Industrial manufacturers: I am sure that you understand industrial manufacturers have a great tole to play in all the new buildings that you see around you. It is their work to ensure that the high rises which have been coming up recently are equipped well, have a very high quality and there is also easy maintenance. The edifices that they design and give life to need to be absolutely sturdy so that they do not collapse or lead to the loss of any life. In fact, this is why they also need to be clear regarding their standards of safety. Since transportation is also very important for the masses, buses, cars and trains all fall under this category of business.
  5. Real estate: This is one of the most dynamic sectors. It is presently booming and is always in demand. This is because the world population is increasing and there is a genuine need for new homes and personal office spaces. Real estate businesses come up with innovation and use only the most advanced technology to construct homes and properties that they later sell.
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