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What’s the Proper Way to Award College Athletes for Outstanding Performance

By Mark / a few months ago

Athletes are some of the most recognized individuals in the world. Between the major sports of baseball, football, soccer, basketball, tennis, and golf, professional athletes are continually given positive recognition. Amateur athletes get far less recognition, especially in the form of monetary rewards. The Dilemma Facing Colleges Regarding Their Athletes The reason amateur sports are […]


Creating Special Memories through Travel

By Mark / 6 months ago

There is definitely something special and unique associated with planning a road trip family vacation. Studies are showing, however, that more and more families are packing up their vehicles for these trips. According to travel experts at the New York Times, families taking a road trip represented 22% of U.S. vacations in 2015. Within a […]


Women’s Guide To A Richer 2018

By Mark / 8 months ago

1. Look for alternative sources of income – On the off chance that you are a homemaker,search for a wellspring of wage. Investigate your qualities and utilize them to begin a private venture for yourself. Do what you adore and you can acquire while getting a charge out of the spare time on your hand. […]


Restarting After Failures

By Mark / 10 months ago

A failure is said to be part and parcel of your life. It has to be there at some point in your life to make you learn a lot of important lessons. Failures and its cause could be anything from simple assumption to being lack of hard-work. But the way one takes failures is what […]


8 Things that the West can learn from the Indian Way of Living

By Mark / last year

For hundreds of years, the west has considered India to be less developed and backward. While India might have taken more time to develop as a nation, we can’t help but notice the unique kind of lifestyle led by the people in India. From introducing the multiple uses of coconut oil to the world, to […]


Important vs Attractive: How To Differentiate

By Mark / last year

As I write this, a lot of editing is taking place so you can have my ebook “How to Find your Soulmate – Simple Steps to Find your Soulmate and Create a Meaningful and Lasting Romantic Relationship” in your hands next week. When I started working with singles back in 2004, I interviewed men and […]


Tips for Communicating Effectively

By Mark / a couple of years ago

Why is the stress so much on communication skills these days? You must have heard people separately taking workshops to learn communication skills. Be it managers, entrepreneurs, clerks, staff, teachers, engineers, bankers, every occupation requires you to have good communication skills. Why is that so? What power does our speech hold? In this age of […]

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