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Tips for Communicating Effectively

By Mark Ross Canaoay / a few months ago

Why is the stress so much on communication skills these days? You must have heard people separately taking workshops to learn communication skills. Be it managers, entrepreneurs, clerks, staff, teachers, engineers, bankers, every occupation requires you to have good communication skills. Why is that so? What power does our speech hold? In this age of […]


Leadership is Action Not Position

By Mark Ross Canaoay / a few months ago

Everyone dreams. But there is a difference between a dreamer and an achiever. Who is a successful entrepreneur? The one who is able to turn a simple idea into a sellable product. How do you bring a simple concept to become a successful business venture? Can you do it all by yourself? No, you need […]


Optimism is the Key to Life

By Mark Ross Canaoay / 6 months ago

Every dark cloud has a silver lining. Cowper’s lines talk about optimism. About patience. About hope. About perseverance. About courage. About living a good life. In this world full of chaos, we need to sort ourselves and look for inspiration. We are responsible for our own happiness. As long as we let our lives be […]


The Noise of Your Success is the only Sound that will Echo

By Mark Ross Canaoay / 7 months ago

Your actions make more difference than your words. ‘It’s easier said than done.’ It is easier to complain, to point out the flaws, to pump up your ego or anger, to criticize, but making an effort to bring about a change needs hard work and patience. People will acknowledge you by your accomplishments alone. There […]


Positive Thinking Can Affect Your Bank Account

By Mark Ross Canaoay / last year

Google describes positive thinking as “a mental attitude in which you expect good and favorable results. In other words, positive thinking is the process of creating thoughts that create and transform energy into reality. A positive mind waits for happiness, health, and a happy ending in any situation.” Regardless of one’s beliefs, one’s mindset whether positive or negative determines various situations […]

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