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3 Ways Working Capital Loans Can Help You Grow Your Business

By Shilpa / last year

Business owners use the term“working capital” to refer to their ability to meet typical expenses on a daily basis. In the technical sense, business analysts subtract current liabilities from assets to derive a company’s net working capital. This figure may be able to offer a picture of the company’s health, but it really doesn’t tell […]


Legal Risk Management For Your Business

By Disha / last year

Although legal risk management cannot be defined using just one umbrella explanation, on a fundamental level it refers to how you can take steps to identify and protect against events that could lead to a legal consequence. The implication of a legal consequence is that it would have a negative impact on a business. In […]


The Growth of Digital Marketing in the UK

By Disha / last year

When it comes to content, the internet is like a melting pot of words and phrases from all around the world. From English to French, Chinese to German, the online universe is awash with words from countries of all sizes. According to Internet World Stats, English is the most commonly used language on the internet […]


How to Manage Your Customers’ Business Expectations

By Disha / last year

Although the economy is showing promising signs of financial recovery, the recession has left behind an irreversibly scarred landscape. Thousands of businesses fell in the face of the sweeping tidal wave of devastation, leaving only the strongest and most successful companies behind. For new businesses looking to make their mark, the world of commerce is […]


Debt Fuels the Economy but Might Be Leading Us into Another Crash

By Mark / last year

Though many people point to the UK as having made one of the strongest recoveries in the world following the financial disaster of 2008, others are taking the Chicken Little route and warning that another crash is just around the corner. Not to give short shrift to the optimists, but there’s something to be said […]


Five Ways To Save Time Managing Your Dental Practice Online

By Mark / a couple of years ago

When you own and operate a dental practice, it can be a very challenging task to manage it. It has all the trappings of a small hospital, and there are usually just as many patients to serve. In the modern world, it is always a great idea to have online services for your dental practice. […]


How Does Stock Trading Work?

By Mark / 3 years ago

Stock trading represents a form of investment that allows an investor to share in the ownership and profit and loss of a company. For the investor, this type of investment offers the opportunity for profit by either the individual stock growing, as in the case of growth stocks, or dividend in the case of longer […]

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