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5 Things to Look for When You’re Buying a Used Car

By Mark Holland / last year

Cars are expensive. Most people start out with buying an old car because it gets the job done without being a burden on you while you are trying to figure other finances out in your life.  If you are looking to buy a used car, then these are the things that you should look for […]


Tips for Being a Film or TV Extra

By Mark Holland / last year

Have you ever wanted to be an actor? Loved being in plays? Thought about what working in the industry would be like? Even if you haven’t, being an extra in a film or a TV series can be an exciting experience, and a good way to earn some extra cash. You don’t need any qualifications […]


7 Best Family Friendly Road Trip Destinations in the U.S.

By Mark Holland / a couple of years ago

Are you planning a road trip with your family? In this post, I have listed 7 best family-friendly road trip destinations in the U.S. It’s the most amazing feeling to hit the road along with the people you love. Especially when you visit exotic places that you have never visited before. It’s important to select […]


Tips to Quickly Get Hired

By Mark Holland / 3 years ago

A job is a nothing less than a necessity. This is the means through which we get to earn and make a living for ourselves. It is true that we cannot spend all our lives living off others. Thus, we study and get certain degrees so that we are able to work in the field […]


Moving House at Short Notice

By Mark Holland / 4 years ago

Moving house is stressful enough at the best of times. The additional burden of admin, choice and compromise on top of a full time, as well as the concern that if it goes wrong somehow, you could be left homeless. When you have moving house forced on you, for example if your landlord sells you […]


Debt Is Serious Problem in USA

By Mark Holland / 5 years ago

Debt seems to be the norm in the USA. It is not all bad news because mortgage debt is the means by which the real estate market grows and allows many families to build up significant assets. When the Collateralized Debt Obligation (CDO) Crisis struck causing the recent recession the real estate market took a […]


Learn Forex Trading Basics

By Mark Holland / 6 years ago

You might have heard a lot about the term Forex, currency trade, exchange rate and similar, but have you ever traded in Forex as a Forex trader? Forex trading is a great financial trading technique where you can earn good money from your home and keep your primary business on place. Before you start to […]

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