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Living on Credit

By Dimple / a few months ago

People live on borrowed money, it’s a fact of life. Although, some people make a habit out of it which can sow the seed for future financial disaster. There are many reasons why people choose to live on credit, the insatiable desire for material goods, shopping as a way to deal with stress, keeping up […]


The Pros and Cons of Credit Cards

By Amey / 7 months ago

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed a make a big purchase and you had no cash to offer? This is the most common scenario where having a credit card in your wallet is beneficial. It can bail you out of tough financial situations. Plus, you also get to build your credit […]


5 Best Credit Card Sign up Bonuses of 2019

By Amey / 8 months ago

Many of you must be thinking that by providing sign up bonuses, credit card companies are trying to lure you into buying a credit card. This is partially true. But if you buy the right credit card at the right time, you can make some remarkable cash savings. Here are the 5 best credit card […]


Tips to Fix Your Credit Score to Apply for Guaranteed Loans

By Shilpa / 3 years ago

You wanted to renovate the living room for the coming family reunion – you have no cash, however. Why not apply for guaranteed loans? Through the help of a second person, you can get approved, especially if that individual is someone with good credit standing. But should you always seek the support of other people […]


10 Things you Can Get from a Credit Card

By Mark / 5 years ago

It’s no secret that credit cards have their advantages. Not only can a credit card transform the way in which you handle your finances, but it can offer you a whole host of additional benefits of which you might not yet be aware. Here, we look at ten things a credit card can do for […]


Home Sale Rise as Credit Score Requirements Ease

By Mark / 6 years ago

There is every indication that the real estate market will heat up in 2014, which is good news for home sellers. The not-so-great news is that interest rates are also expected to rise this year, which could make it much more difficult for borrowers to get a mortgage. When buyers cannot find adequate financing to […]


Credit Card Theft 2014: How to protect yourself from this year’s top scams

By Mark / 6 years ago

Javelin Strategy & Research is a California-based company that issues a comprehensive annual report about identity fraud. The results of the latest report reveal that more than 13 million consumers were harmed by identity theft last year and 88% of that activity involved existing financial accounts such as credit cards. What can you do to […]

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