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Secured vs. Unsecured Loans: Which is Best for You?

By Mark / last month

There are times in your financial life when you will need a loan. There are a lot of good reasons for this, from purchasing real estate to starting a business. There are all kinds of debt out there, from the revolving debt of credit cards to personal loans, equity loans, and more. How do you […]


Working with the Student Loan

By Mark / last month

It is great that you have got a job after finishing the college. Now you can be financially independent and support your family. But wait! You had taken the student loan and now its time for the repayment of it. The student loan repayment can add some load on you when you start to earn. […]


Should you Marry if you have a Student Loan?

By Mark / a couple of months ago

Come to think about it. Both your student debt and marriage are long term commitments and needless to say – they are inevitably connected to each other. As per the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, around 37% of the participants admitted that they wouldn’t tie the knot unless their student loans are completely paid off. […]


How Filing Bankruptcy Affects Your Life

By Mark / a few months ago

It can happen to almost anyone at different periods of vulnerability in their lives wherein the only choice they find left available to them is to file bankruptcy. There are pros and cons to filing and not filing and in the end, the decision is solely yours. Make sure to make a list of the […]


What Filing Bankruptcy Does to Your Credit

By Mark / last year

Filing bankruptcy is not an easy decision to make. If you recently had to file you may not know yet how your life is going to change for the next 7 to 10 years. On the plus side of filing bankruptcy, you unloaded a lot of debt that you were unable to repay and can now […]


7 Good Reasons Why Filing for Bankruptcy is a Great Thing

By Chris Benitez / last year

Wait, bankruptcy can be a good thing? You may not notice it when you are feeling miserable about losing everything, but, yes, bankruptcy can work in your favor. Find out how by reading ahead: 1. Your Debt will be Gone Obviously, the most positive thing about bankruptcy is that you will no longer be forced to […]


Marriage Can Actually Make Perfect Financial Sense

By Justin / last year

In addition to the obvious love and wanting to start a family and spend the rest of your life with this person, a huge benefit to marriage is the combined finances.  The con is that if your spouse has had trouble in the past when it comes to debt or credit, then unfortunately you will […]

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