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Instagram stories that have recently emerged as a competition to highly popular Snapchat, which is a very popular social networking tool used by millions of people on Instagram to tell their daily stories to other people. It allows the users to collate audios, videos and graphics into slideshows and overload them with emojis and texts. Instagram is a very powerful tool for visual promotion and networking. The stories stay for 24 hours and are extremely interesting source of entertainment. Though the use of Instagram for business promotion is highly prevalent but talking specifically about the Instagram stories as a business promotion tool is something that s used smartly can help you promote your business to a great extent. Here are some of the tips that can be helpful to promote your business through Instagram stories.

1. Making time lapse videos or behind the scenes shots of your office or production site or your leisure activities while working and putting this content in the form of Instagram stories will keep your audience engaged in your brand. It will make them feel good about you and develop a lot more interest in your brand.

2. Shooting teasers of your upcoming product or service will make the audience wait anxiously for your product launch and to make it more interesting you can add more creative and fun side to it. Teasers on Instagram stories are always a great form of promotion for your business.

3. Showcasing discounts and offers to the audience through Instagram stories will force the audience to daily check for upcoming offers. Daily offers can be put up on Instagram stories to help increase your sale and reach amongst the target audience. This is especially helpful if you are providing 24 hours valid offers and discount to your customers.

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4. Demonstration of your product or service through Instagram stories is again a very effective way to reach out to people and mark your presence. Short demonstration of your product through visuals in Instagram stories helps you to promote them economically and efficiently amongst the customers.

5. Promoting your upcoming event through Instagram stories is a great way out to reach as many people as possible. Videos, graphics and photo collage of things related to your event or showing highlights of an already conducted event keeps your audience feel good about you and your brand. This helps to increase your loyal customer base and make your sale of products a great success.

The above tips if used properly can surely help to boost sales of your product and the promotion of your business amongst your target audience to a great extent.

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