Black Friday Cdiscount: Good deal on Sony PlayStation Plus annual subscription

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Notice to all gamers who play on the Sony PlayStation Plus: the 12-month subscription card is at a reduced price during Black Friday Cdiscount. This card gives you 12 months of PlayStation Plus subscription, the PS premium subscription service and allows you to boost your PS4 system as well as your PlayStation Network account. Best of all, the PlayStation Plus membership card gives you access to online multiplayer play, exclusive promotions, and the download of PS4 games at reduced prices. During Black Friday Cdiscount, the 12-month Sony PlayStation subscription card is 39.99 euros. Black Friday is the best time to take advantage of deals on PlayStation Plus games and memberships.

Increase your gaming experience with the 12 month Sony PlayStation Plus subscription, currently available at Cdiscount. In addition to being able to play online with your friends, you benefit from many advantages such as 2 PS4 games to download every month at no cost, Share Play to share your games in progress, the possibility of playing in PlayStation league, priority access to beta demos as well as 100 GB of cloud storage. This storage capacity allows you to resume your games where and when you want without having to start all over again. The card available in promotion during Black Friday Cdiscount offers you a 12 month subscription, but you can choose 2 or 3 month subscription cards, depending on your preferences and needs. Please note, this Cdiscount offer on the Sony PlayStation Plus card is only valid for a certain time and you only have one week left to take advantage of it.

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