The 8 Largest Companies In The Philippines Today

List Of The Largest Companies In The Philippines Today




Market Value






San Miguel

$7 B

$16.6 B

$0.7 B

$25.1 B

Eduardo Cojuangco Jr.


SM Investments

$16.6 B

$5.3 B

$0.6 B

$13.6 B

Harley Sy



$15.1 B

$4 B

$0.9 B

$9.9 B

Napoleon Nazareno



$9.1 B

$1.4 B

$0.4 B

$23.9 B

Cesar Consing



$9.2 B

$6.8 B

$0.4 B

$5.3 B

Manuel Pangilinan


Aboitiz Equity Ventures

$7.8 B

$1.6 B

$0.5 B

$4.6 B

Erramon Aboitiz



$6 B

$1.5 B

$0.3 B

$21.7 B

George Ty



$8.2 B

$2.5 B

$0.3 B

$11.9 B

Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala

All stats above are accurate as of May 2013
biggest and largest companies in the Philippines

The Eight Biggest Companies In The Philippines

An Overview on Each Top Companies In The Philippines

  1. San Miguel Corporation

    San Miguel Corporation is the largest corporation in the Philippines and is run by President Aquino’s uncle, Mr. Eduardo Cojuangco, Jr. San Miguel has been operating in our country since 1890, it’s a well-known producer of processed food, beverages and other products loved by Filipinos. San Miguel has more or less 17,000 employees working together to keep this company running in over 100 facilities in the Asia-Pacific region.

  2. SM Investments Corporation

    SM Investments Corporation is a holding company and was founded by Mr. Henry Sy., Sr. but now it is managed by his children, more notably his son, Harley Sy. SM Investments Corporation has interests on retail, shopping mall development and management (e.g. SM malls), banking (e.g. BDO and China Banking Corp.), real estate (e.g. Highlands Prime, Inc.) and tourism.

  3. PLDT

    Philippine Long Distance Company, or PLDT, is the Philippine’s largest telecommunications company. PLDT is also the countries leading telecommunications provider with different products on information technology, cellular telephony, broadcast media and satellite communications. As of this year 2013, there are over 2 million employees working on PLDT, being Mr. Napoleon Nazareno as the head.

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  4. BPI

    The Bank of Philippine Islands, or BPI in short, is the oldest bank in the Philippines and in the whole Southeast Asia region. BPI is also the 3rd largest bank in terms of assets and the largest bank in terms of profits and market capitalization in the country. BPI operates through the help of over 12,000 employees nationwide and is headed by Mr. Cesar P. Consing, who took over after long-time CEO Aurelio Montinola III decided to vacate the position. BPI is known for being one of the best bank in the country today with its great products and services, which Filipinos are still using through the years.

  5. Meralco

    Manila Electric Company, or Meralco, is the largest company in the Philippines that specializes on the distribution of electricity. Meralco is the only electric power distributor in Metro Manila, no wonder why they are one of the most valuable companies in the Philippines. Meralco is managed by Mr. Manny Pangilinan, who is also the owner of Smart Communication and Cignal Digital TV.

  6. Aboitiz Equity Ventures

    Aboitiz Equity Ventures is a holding company based in Cebu that has interests on transportation, financial services, power and food. Aboitiz Equity Ventures was recently named the best-managed company in the Philippines by FinanceAsia, with Mr. Erramon Aboitiz as the best CEO of the year 2013.

  7. Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company

    Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company, or commonly called Metrobank, is part of the big 3 when it comes to banking in the Philippines, alongside BDO and BPI. The company was founded by George Ty on 1962, and as of today Metrobank has over 10,000 employees that are helping Mr. Ty run the company. Metrobank offers different financial products and services to its clients that includes deposit products, credit cards, insurance and investment products.

  8. Ayala Corporation

    Ayala Corporation is a Philippine holding company that has interests on retail, banking, telecommunications, real estate, information technology, water infrastructure, energy and electronics. Ayala Corporation was founded by three families; Ayala, Roxas and Zobel, during the Spanish-era in the country. Some says that the Ayala Corporation did a big part in developing Makati City into the business capital of the Philippines. As of today, Ayala Corporation is headed by Mr. Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala and is still a well-managed company just like in the past.

That wraps up this list of the largest companies in the Philippines 2013. As you may notice, those companies have been running for decades now and they are still operating pretty well today. With proper management and good amount of capital those companies were able to claim the top spots and I don’t think they will come down any time soon.

If you have your own business, keep on working hard and innovate, maybe one day you can turn it into a very successful business that could eventually become one of the most valuable companies in the Philippines.

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