Beyond marketing, finance and HR – Emerging MBA courses that you must check out!

The MBA programs are known to offer students a variety of training and skills in different traditional sectors of the business and marketing. But in the last few years, so many new MBA courses have merged, and it is not just about marketing, finance or the HR course.


So here is a list of some of the MBA course that you might want to try out. Have a look!

Strategic media and entertainment

It is a new of its kind management program initiated by the SP Jain Institute of management and Research College.  It is an eleven-month course. And the main aim of this course is to produce people who will become media professionals. They are given an insightful and extensive training under the top professional of the industry sector. The structure of the course is based on the industry of the media and entertainment. The subjects include- economic, finance, marketing, HR as its main subjects.

Artificial intelligence

The SP JIMR again launches this course.  The course revolves around training the participants for building up IOT devices and how it can be then explored in the real world. Now the main aim of this course is to educate their student about these high tech devices so that they can use this knowledge in the world of business that is getting automated these days.

Liberal arts

It is again anew course launched by SPJIMR. It is a course in management and liberal arts and is equivalent to the PGDM course. This course helps in widening the range f the student’s perspectives and in encouraging them so that they can understand the political, social and cultural contexts which in turn will help them in shaping thing business. With the help of this course, the students will get to examine the various hidden opportunities that are there in the business world and the multiple ways in which they can overcome the challenge offered by this business industry.  This course is quite an unconventional method of making the students understand the real world problems and also a challenging one.

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Design management

It is again a new course in MBA launched in the MIT Pune. It is a two-year program. It is designed in such a way that its main aim is to train the students and equip them with specific management skills which will help them in understanding the field of design. This course aim at building up future design leaders who will bring revolutionary changes in the world in the industry sector. The student will get to have an intensive study of the various design methodologies and the ways of implementing them in the practical world.


Thus with so many new courses emerging in the MBA, students will now have a more comprehensive option to choose from and to try out something new and challenging.

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