Best Debit Cards In The Philippines Today

A List Of The Best Debit Cards In The Philippines Today

Debit cards offer a convenient and secure way of shopping without pulling out a single cash in your wallet. That’s one of the reasons why debit cards are becoming popular in our country today. It deduct the money you will be using on your bank account or most likely, the savings account associated with your debit card.

If you want to learn more on what and how debit cards works, you can read it here…

What is a Debit Card

If you have already read that or know a little about how debit card works, then here is a the list of Philippine’s best debit cards you can get:

  1. Bank of Philippine Islands (BPI) Debit Cards
    BPI offers a broad selection of debit cards that you may choose from, that’s why it’s one of the best debit cards provider in our country today. You can use your ATM card that you get with their savings account just like a debit card and they also have prepaid cards that you can use when paying for offline and online purchases. The not so good thing about prepaid cards, is that you must pay 150 pesos up to 600 pesos for the card’s processing fee depending on the type of prepaid card that you want to have.
  2. Banco De Oro Unibank (BDO) Debit Cards
    When you open a savings account with BDO, you can get an ATM which is affiliated with MasterCard that you may use as a debit card. The BDO ATM debit card can also be used in purchasing items worldwide using your PayPal account. They also have cash cards (re-loadable prepaid debit cards) that you can get without opening a savings account with them. You have to pay 120 pesos to get a cash card and you can choose between a local cash card or the MasterCard Cash Card.
  3. Unionbank Debit Cards
    Just like with BPI and BDO, Unionbank savings account comes with an ATM card that can also be used as a debit card. Unionbank cards are affiliated with Visa and they are also offering a card called EON debit card. The EON debit card can be used in purchasing products online and worldwide. You can enroll the Unionbank EON debit card in your PayPal account just like the BDO debit cards.
  4. EastWest Bank Debit Cards
    Recently, the EastWest Bank are now issuing Visa-affiliated debit cards, even though they’re new they are still one of the best debit cards in town. You can get these debit cards by simply opening a savings account with them. The EastWest-Visa debit card provides a convenient way in buying items online and offline. You can also get a debit card by availing their prepaid card that’s worth a hundred pesos. Their debit cards may also be enrolled in PayPal for you to shop in a more convenient and secure way.
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