5 Of The Best Business Ideas To Start This School Year

The Best Business Ideas This School Year

This month of June marks the start of school year 2013 to 2014 here in the Philippines and more than 20 million students are expected to go their respective school this year. For a businessman, it is a great time to start a new business venture that can take advantage of this opportunity, one that can cater to these students’ needs and wants. To help you with that I came up with these five different school business ideas that you can earn money with.

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The Best Business Ideas This School Year That You Should Start

5 Of The Best Business Ideas To Start For This Upcoming School Days

  1. School Supply Store
    Filipino students are prone to forgetting things that they should bring to school and one way to take advantage of this is by starting your very own school supply store. I can guarantee you that you can earn a lot through this business if you build this business near a school where you don’t have much competition and plenty of students.
  2. Canteen
    Do you have a special talent or skills in cooking? If yes, then why not use it to generate more income for you and your family, the best business idea that you should think of doing is starting your own canteen. If you’re near a school or university, then this business can help you earn some extra income and you could even build a career out of this.
  3. Food Cart
    If you don’t have the space to start your own canteen, then you can just franchise a food cart or buy your own and incorporate your business idea in it. You can even move from place to place without too much burden on your part. Fun fact, Filipino students love street foods and this is the best business to start for those who have limited space and budget.

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  4. Computer shop
    Students these days are computer-addicts and the best way for you to earn some money on this kind of habit is by giving them what they are looking for, which are computers. It would also be great if these computers are loaded with a lot of games. Here in the Philippines a special game is well-known, it is called DOTA (Defense of the Ancients), and kids today love this computer game. This means that you will never ran out of customers even if there’s no school.
  5. Printing shop
    With to many papers to pass and read in school, students are looking for ways to save and a good way for them to do just that is by photocopying or printing what they need instead of them buying books. This kind of business is best set-up in a college or university, college students are often task to read and pass a lot of papers in their respective subjects. If you already have a computer shop, then you can easily tandem this business idea with it.
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These business ideas are based from my opinion only, if you have another great business idea, you can share it in the comments section below. It would be a great help for your fellow readers. So, what’s your best business idea this school year?

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