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5 Types Of Insurance For A Worry-Free Retirement

By Mark / last week

You must be aware of numerous ways to save money for your retirement. It feels great when you successfully save for your dream vacation, second home, and your child’s college education. But along with that, you also need to be prepared in case the unexpected should happen. Retirement is the time to relax and rejoice […]


5 Apps That Help You Save on Prescriptions

By Mark / a couple of weeks ago

The cost of healthcare is increasing year after year. And most people are unaware of the fact that drugs– like every other product– are being sold at different rates by different pharmacists in the same neighborhood. It’s time and energy consuming to visit or call every pharmacy and ask for the price. Especially, if your […]


5 Easy Ways To Start Investing With Little Money

By Mark / 3 weeks ago

There are plenty of ways to start investing with little money. Even if you are a college student or a fresh graduate, you can invest the few dollars that you might have saved up in your bank account. You are lucky that you are in a position to invest your money in such a tender […]


What is Capital Gains Tax?

By Mark / 4 weeks ago

Capital gains tax is imposed on profit income from the sale of property or any investment.  Any profit that arises from the sale of a capital asset is a capital gain. It’s income through profit. Hence capital gains tax is similar to income tax. You need to pay for it when you generate profit. These […]


Why would a Person Choose a Mutual Fund over an Individual Stock?

By Mark / last month

A mutual fund is chosen over an individual stock due to various reasons. Diversification is one of the reasons why an individual would go for mutual funds. Also, the cost of a mutual fund is lower than that of individual stocks and is thus a much more convenient option. However, like any other option, mutual […]


Is Buying a Franchise Wise?

By Mark / last month

A franchise can be defined as a business opportunity that is given to a franchisee, which allows or permits him to start a lawful business by using the expertise, ideas and processes of the franchisor. This process is known as franchising. In many cases, the franchisee is also allowed to use the name, brand as […]

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